Steven Candelaria

Steven Candelaria

Steven Candelaria is a highly esteemed hair master with more than two decades of experience. His welcoming salon provides excellent services and coffee service.

Raquel Martinez-Chavez testified that she and Montoya had engaged in an altercation the night prior to his death, with Candelaria pistol whipping her and firing multiple gunshots, killing Montoya.

Early Life and Education

Candelaria and Doranne Godwin, his wife, have two sons. The family lives in Fullerton, California where both artists share an affinity for music and the outdoors; these subjects inspire much of their artwork.

Before retiring in 1985, he also played for the New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox before returning to Pittsburgh as a player for one final season – where fans booed him after allowing multiple baserunners to advance on him.

In November 2020, a jury found Candelaria guilty of second-degree murder for his involvement in Luciano Montoya Jr’s shooting death. Prosecutors stated that Candelaria and his brother visited Montoya’s apartment after his and the mother of his child separated, pistol-whipping an acquaintance before firing multiple shots that ultimately killed Montoya.

Professional Career

Steven Candelaria has over two decades of experience as a hairdresser. He takes great pleasure in making each client feel like family, as well as teaching this craft at one of Australia’s premier education institutions.

He has written over 100 magazine articles, winning numerous awards in the process. Additionally, he has worked for many high-profile Central Florida publications that focus on city/regional news as well as travel/leisure topics.

He has written multiple novels and plays. Additionally, he is a professional speaker who has made frequent talk show appearances. Furthermore, his social media platform serves to promote his work; additionally he actively advocates for LGBT rights and equality.

Achievement and Honors

Candelaria has performed both solo and 1st trumpet positions in jazz ensembles throughout the United States and internationally, featuring at various brass festivals as a featured artist, recording for various music labels, teaching at many universities and conservatories, and serving on two international scholarly journals’ editorial boards.

James Haynie, Vincent Cichowicz and Edward Tarr. Additionally he currently teaches trumpet at University of Mary Hardin Baylor.

Candelaria experienced multiple injuries during his baseball career. In particular, his final year with the Pittsburgh Pirates saw a low ERA and minimal interest from other teams for him as they released him with minimal interest being shown by other clubs.

Personal Life

Candelaria was twice married and fathered four children. An active member of Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Church in Ossining, New York and fond of traveling the globe with his family, he was an exceptional husband, father, brother, uncle and friend to all those that knew him.

Candelaria Law LLC and practices civil rights, workers compensation, criminal defense and cannabis law. His clients include New Mexico Top Organics-Ultra Health LLC – one of New Mexico’s largest vertically integrated cannabis companies.

He sponsored legislation banning gay conversion therapy in New Mexico, and both houses of Congress passed his bill with overwhelming bi-partisan support. Additionally, he served in the military as a volunteer. An avid world traveller himself, Zac is also named in his memory.

Net Worth

Steven Candelaria reportedly has an estimated net worth of approximately $28 Million. As an accomplished former baseball player, Steven is widely respected both on and off the field.

From 1984-1990, he served as a reliever for the Pittsburgh Pirates with an ERA of 3.39. Later, he was traded to Toronto Blue Jays in exchange for second baseman Nelson Liriano and outfielder Pedro Munoz and mostly utilized out of their bullpen.

In November 2020, Candelaria was found guilty of second degree murder for the shooting death of Luciano Montoya. Prosecutors claimed that he and his brother Brandon went to Montoya’s apartment as revenge for an earlier disagreement and pistol-whipped the woman before firing multiple shots into his dwelling, killing Montoya.

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