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Profile of Steven Burdick

Medical City Plano and Baylor University Medical Center. His specialty lies within Gastrointestinal Disorders and Pancreatic Disease.

He was an avid sports fan who relished spending his free time outside, such as fishing, hunting, and hiking.

Steven Burdick serves as Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer and Executive VP for Tetra Tech. Prior to that he held this title at TRW Ventures LLC.

Early Life and Education

Steve Burdick is an engaging character who enjoys making people smile with his engaging sense of humor and playful antics. He has a deep respect for his family and always looks for ways to enhance their enjoyment of life. Additionally, he partners with non-profit organizations in getting children outside.

Professor Burdick did not possess a powerful physique, and to casual observers may have given the impression of lacking the robust constitution required for teaching law schools today. Yet this deficiency was often made up for by his exceptional ability for steady, systematic labor carried out with unfailing regularity.

He gave seven or more law lectures every week, always carefully assembling, organizing, and arranging class room material in light of current law developments. His thoroughness and scholarship played a crucial role in helping establish the new law school on solid footing.

Professional Career

Susie Burdick brings extensive expertise in nonprofit development and fundraising to her work with arts, health and human services organizations at local, regional and national levels. Additionally, she currently serves on multiple nonprofit boards.

Burdick had an exceptional run with the Warriors, helping recruit and coach 33 All-MAAC players and two MLL All-Americans (including defensive player of the year Tucker Durkin). Additionally, he frequently presented at IMLCA and US Lacrosse coaching clinics as well as high school team development workshops nationwide.

Tetra Tech has employed him since 2003 and promoted him to senior vice president and chief financial officer in July 2011. As such, he manages the firm’s Government and Tribal practice development group while leading numerous events that educate on changing accounting standards and best practices.

Achievement and Honors

Steven Burdick is a well-recognized expert in advanced interventional endoscopy. His efforts have contributed greatly to shaping this field’s development.

Steven is also an accomplished artist, believing that creativity and imagination are inherent human characteristics which should be encouraged throughout one’s life. His paintings aim to capture fleeting moments and turn them into lasting ones.

Steven Burdick is an award-winning teacher from Denver Lutheran High School and Colorado State University who is dedicated to the success of his students. Additionally, he is a strong supporter of his community; serving on several local organizations’ boards of directors while being past president of Dexter District Library.

Personal Life

Steven Burdick was a beloved family man and avid enthusiast for both astronomy and photography, both hobbies which he excelled at. As an internationally acclaimed photographer, his works were displayed at many exhibitions.

He was an ardent sports fan who always supported his Detroit pro teams through good and bad times. His laugh and smile often brought much-needed laughter and relief during times of difficulty.

Wright called dispatchers Monday morning and reported hitting Burdick with a sledgehammer handle, according to an affidavit. Wright explained he was angry with Burdick for making sexual comments about his wife, so when Burdick tried to stand back up Wright hit him again. Wright left Burdick’s residence for another location near West Rifle where he turned himself in before making another call about Burdick.

Net Worth

Steve Burdick boasts a net worth of 13.4 Million. For 14 years he has worked as a financial advisor from Arroyo Grande in California. Specializing in helping educators and non profit groups plan for their futures, Steve can meet clients both at work or their home or at one of his office in Arroyo Grande.

Burdick has executed several transactions of Tetra Tech stock over the last 18 years, including his largest trade ever — selling 10,515 units worth $5 Million — in February 2023. Additionally, he served as vice president and CFO.

Prior to joining Tetra Tech, Burdick held positions of Vice-President Finance and Treasurer with TRW Ventures and Aura Systems; additionally he worked as a public accountant at Ernst & Young LLP in Los Angeles.

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