Steven Brinkley

Steven Brinkley

Steven Brinkley serves as CEO for National Trench Safety, a trench safety equipment supplier. With extensive business and leadership experience under his belt, Brinkley oversees operations of National Trench Safety with great ease.

Brinkley was an avid baseball fan who also coached his son’s teams. In particular, he guided their 120 lb squad to an unblemished season and the Maryland Youth Athletic Association championship title.

Early Life and Education

Brinkley is an esteemed historian. His extensive body of work on American history has earned him both the duPont Award as well as multiple Emmy and Peabody awards.

David Brinkley co-anchored Huntley and Brinkley from 1955 to 1961 before hosting David Brinkley’s Journal, an innovative program which anticipated contemporary television news magazine formats.

Brinkley had long enjoyed his broadcast career when Roone Arledge devised This Week with David Brinkley for ABC Sunday Morning Public Affairs show on ABC in 1979. This program soon become one of the highest rated public affairs programs and one of the most-quoted news commentary programs across America.

Brinkley was not only known for his prolific book publications but also taught at Hofstra University and Princeton University, while being a regular contributor to American Heritage magazine. He wrote extensively on topics ranging from Theodore Roosevelt’s love of nature to Ansel Adams’ life and death.

Professional Career

Steven Brinkley currently holds the position of UK Sales Manager at Elan Sales Limited and is accountable for leading his sales team towards meeting their goals, creating strategies, and overseeing customer relations.

Brinkley has held various roles within the financial industry throughout his professional career. These have included working as a mortgage lender, stockbroker and investment advisor as well as becoming a professional boxer.

Brinkley served not only as the branch manager for NTS but was also an owner and operator of his own trench safety rental business, specialising in trench safety rental products. Furthermore, he served as Volvo Rents Greensboro Branch Manager.

Achievement and Honors

Brinkley recounts in his memoirs a time when the AFTRA union, representing TV newscasters and reporters, called for a strike. Instead of obeying legal advice to stay off work during this strike, he decided to return to NBC News work anyway despite criticism he faced for crossing picket lines; The Huntley-Brinkley Report became immensely successful as a result.

Mr. Miller also wrote several books, such as Jean Monnet: The Path to European Unity and Dean Acheson and the Creation of American Foreign Policy. Additionally, he is a member of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences as well as having won various other accolades.

He leaves behind his beloved wife Karin Espinosa and two daughters. A devoted family man, he loved his church. Unfortunately, he passed away on Monday December 23, 2013 and will be greatly missed by many.

Personal Life

Stephen Brinkley is an esteemed news anchor who co-anchored with Walter Cronkite as one of America’s premier television news personalities, becoming one of his most recognized names in America’s newscasting landscape. Additionally, he has published multiple books.

He is a Christian and attends Family Missionary Baptist Church in Columbus, Ohio. Additionally, he serves on the board of American Foundation for Suicide Prevention as a philanthropist.

Brinkley has two children – Alexa and Jack Paris Brinkley-Cook. Jack remains more private than Alexa and does not appear in family photoshoots or speak with the media. Instead, his business ROVE provides ride sharing service between New York and Hamptons; in addition he owns several properties in Florida and the Pacific Northwest.

Net Worth

Brinkley has received wide critical acclaim. Stephen Ambrose called him one of “the finest of the new generation of American historians”, while Patrick Reardon acknowledged him as being more knowledgeable on presidential history than any living scholar.

Brinkley currently teaches American history and the Civil War at Georgetown University. Additionally, he has instructed at Ohio State University, University of New Orleans and Rice University.

He is the founder of PETER COOK AIA, an architectural firm. With an estimated net worth of $20 Million US Dollars, he and Christie Brinkley, who had two children before they separated on October 3 2008 and eventually divorced; Christie maintains weekly visitation rights to see her children. On 30 September 2011 alone he exercised 13,301 units of ENR stock worth more than $554,475. Cynthia J Brinkley currently serves as an Independent Director on Energizer Inc’s board of Directors.

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