Steven Berns

Interviewing Steven Berns, CFO of TripleLift

At a time when radio was gravitating towards preprogrammed playlists, Stevie created Sirius Satellite Radio’s first original content – Little Steven’s Underground Garage/ Renegade Nation channels.

He was a dedicated family man, cherishing every moment spent with his loved ones. A loyal friend, he always had a smile on his face.

Early Life and Education

Personality Traits: He’s an enthusiastic singer who enjoys including music into all aspects of his daily activities, be it listening to a song on his morning run or jamming out on guitar with coworkers during breaks at work; always finding time for musical activities!

He produced the groundbreaking animation/live-action hybrid movie Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988) as well as being responsible for successful cartoon series such as Tiny Toon Adventures, Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain and Freakazoid!

Berns’ C-level experience in corporate finance, capital raising and M&A gives him an invaluable perspective to bring into the Lehigh FLEX MBA VentureSeries program. Working alongside Dale Falcinelli – professor of practice and executive director – Berns is an invaluable member of Dale Falcinelli’s classroom experience. Berns also enjoys running, hiking and baking pies with his wife and 2 spaniels – something Dale Falcinelli knows all too well as professor of practice and executive director respectively!

Professional Career

Steven Berns has over three decades of global financial management, acquisitions and business operations experience. His expertise can be seen at Shutterstock (CFO & COO), Tribune Media Company Revlon as well as MDC Partners and Interpublic Group agency holding companies.

He currently sits on several public and private boards, such as GTT Communications Inc. – a global cloud networking provider for multinational clients – since 2021; Tradeweb Markets (a technology-driven financial marketplace).

Berns has firsthand experience observing how palliative care can support both patients and their families during difficult times. He strongly encourages individuals to discuss their end-of-life wishes prior to any crisis occurring, and hopes the Schwartz Center’s program can motivate more people to do just that.

Achievement and Honors

Berns’ musical legacy was honored with a biography penned by Joel Selvin and an Off-Broadway production of Piece of My Heart featuring Steven Van Zandt and Paul Shaffer in 2014. Additionally, Berns currently serves on the boards of Shutterstock and Tribune Media and was previously CFO for Revlon, MDC Partners and Tradeweb Markets respectively.

Berns’ other interests include running, cooking (particularly fusion cuisine) and traveling. Together with his wife, they’re active volunteers at FAMILYConnections counseling and family service agency in West Orange, NJ; together they have three children Matthew, Billy and Adam whom have helped raise millions through their philanthropy contributions for organizations serving children, families and seniors; they also sponsor the annual Little Steven’s Policeman’s Ball.

Personal Life

He brings with him extensive leadership experience, serving previously as Executive Vice President of Global Financial Management for Tribune Media Company. Furthermore, he holds extensive board membership experience having previously sat on Tradeweb Markets (a leading financial marketplace) and TripleLift (an innovative advertising platform).

Berns has a lengthy legal history and is known to have settled multiple lawsuits and disputes in court records, according to Amy Eller’s allegations in her suit filed against Berns for stalking and harassing her after declining sexual acts from them.

Bang! The Bert Berns Story is an engaging documentary film about an eccentric musician, Bert Berns. While his performances as an entertainer may have fallen flat with audiences, his songs went on to launch careers such as that of Maple Mars. Filled with humor and pathos alike, as well as stunning archival footage from New York in the 1960s, this captivating tale provides plenty of entertainment and history lessons alike.

Net Worth

Berns has served in various leadership capacities at companies including Tribune Media Company, MDC Partners, and Revlon. His background also encompasses financial management/acquisitions/business operations as well as operations management/coaching.

Blockchains Inc CEO Matt Jones is leading an expensive campaign to convince Nevada legislators to allow him and other tech executives to form their own government in Storey County – but has been involved in an embarrassing scandal which threatens his bottom line.

Berns has made at least seven trades worth over $352 thousand dollars worth of Tradeweb Markets Inc stock valued at more than $352 thousand dollars since becoming a director. Berns owns 394 units of Tradeweb Markets stock which has seen highs of $30 per share but now trades for $9.37.

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