Steven Benton

Dan Benton and Steven Benton

Steven Benton, an estate planning, trust and probate law attorney located in Sacramento, California serves his clients. Additionally, he possesses extensive expertise in handling taxation matters.

Prior to joining DXC Technology, he served as BT’s CISO and CSO; responsible for global physical and cyber security investment, posture and response. He has extensive experience building high-performing teams.

Early Life and Education

Steven Benton was born in New Philadelphia, Ohio to Anne Gross and Wayne Woodrow Hayes and raised there before graduating from Ohio State University with a BA. Following that he attended law school there as well as clerking for an Ohio Supreme Court Justice.

He founded the Media Lab’s Spatial Imaging group and played a crucial role in pioneering new holographic display technology. He held 14 patents related to optical physics and photography. Furthermore, his expertise included medical and fine arts holography.

Benton has served as superintendent of Jackson County schools since 2012. He notes that teacher morale has fallen, making open communication critical for success. Benton pledges his care for every teacher he works with by assuring them of his commitment.

Professional Career

Steve Benton is an established security expert and is actively involved in the Cyber Defenders Council. Additionally, he holds membership at Chartered Institute of Information Security as a fellow, and frequently speaks at C level events such as those hosted by i4 C level communities.

His business interests include Green Door Distilling Company and equity partnership in Grand Rapids Gold G-League basketball team; advisor to Atomic Honey in Detroit and DJing and providing soundtracks for fashion shows in his free time.

Steve previously served as both the Deputy CISO and CSO of BT, where he assembled a large team responsible for physical security investments, posture assessments and response worldwide. Steve is an expert at developing threat intelligence that delivers real business value.

Achievement and Honors

Benton was well-recognized among OSA members for his contributions in holography and spatial imaging, having invented white-light rainbow holography as well as being one of the founding faculty members at Media Lab. Furthermore, he held 14 patents related to optical physics and photography.

He founded and directed the Spatial Imaging Group at MIT as well as being president of OSA New England Section and serving on its Board. Additionally he was also active with SPIE.

Benton was an exceptional mentor and coach to Wichita State Shockers athletes. In 2020’s indoor season alone, he guided Jacque Darby to fourth place finish in long jump and Ethan Toy to claim conference championship status in triple jump events.

Personal Life

Steven Benton was an engineer by trade who enjoyed taking on challenging tasks. With an intense fascination for all things mechanical and an enthusiasm for discovering innovative methods to do things, Steven was known for transforming full-sized school buses into motorhomes to make vacationing with his family all the more unforgettable.

He currently works as an application engineer at WIKA USA, a Test & Measurement Equipment provider, where he has been an employee for 29 years.

He teaches media arts and sciences at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He holds 14 patents related to optical physics and photography and was an innovator in both medical imaging and fine art holography, having pioneered both fields simultaneously. Furthermore, he has published several books about both subjects.

Net Worth

Dan Benton is an internationally recognized technology investor, media personality, CEO, businessman and entrepreneur from New York, United States. He operates Benton Capital Management Company as his main place of employment and is married to Stephanie March – an actress, model advocate social activist entrepreneur herself!

She became well-known during the 1970s after signing with Playboy magazine and becoming one of its most acclaimed Playmates, appearing on Hee Haw comedy show and releasing two albums. Robert has made four trades of Flowers Foods stock since 2015 and currently owns 26,762 units worth over $280,033. Additionally he serves as EVP Network Optimization at Flowers Foods.

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