Steve Winnick

Steve Winnick

Steve Winnick, an esteemed litigator, has over five years of experience. A member of both Massachusetts and Florida bars, Steve has handled high-profile cases throughout his legal career.

Steve Winnick, as EducationCounsel’s deputy general counsel for FERPA, has an in-depth knowledge of student privacy issues. Recently he published an article discussing inBloom controversy which dispelled some misconceptions.

Early Life and Education

Stephen Winnick is a Special Counsel in our San Francisco office. His practice covers commercial litigation and appellate law matters such as banking litigation, securities litigation, contract disputes, professional malpractice suits and unfair competition lawsuits. Stephen has handled cases before state and federal courts in Massachusetts and Florida as well as before the Court of Appeals for the First Circuit (CAFC) and U.S. Claims Court (USCC).

Winnick is not only a successful attorney; he is also an engaging performer who brings song, speech and wit to any event he attends. He currently belongs to both Jennifer Cutting’s OCEAN Quartet and Ship’s Company Chanteymen as well as serving as Master of Ceremonies at folk festivals such as Potomac Celtic Festival and Philadelphia Festival of Irish Music and Dance.

Winnick plays Lagertha, an authentic Viking warrior and mother in History Channel’s original series “Vikings.” The show tells their tale as they venture forth across new lands in search of adventure and conquer.

Professional Career

Steven Winnick is a lawyer who specializes in civil and commercial litigation, including complex personal injury litigation. Licensed to practice in Massachusetts and Florida, Steven has been part of the bar since 1975.

He specializes in representing community banks with regards to the design, implementation and compliance with bank-owned life insurance (BOLI) plans and nonqualified benefit plans. His clients include City University of New York, AT&T, Schnippers Restaurants Mario Batali Restaurants as well as Duane Reade.

Winnick joined Drexel Burnham Lambert when it was still an obscure investment firm on Wall Street, honing his fundraising abilities at Drexel to be ready to lead Global Crossing during its dramatic second act, featuring leveraged buyouts and wild stock market fluctuations.

Personal Life

After recovering from her near-fatal blood infection and having both legs amputated, Ilysa Winick is back at Reade Street Prep running it alongside mothering two young boys, being wife to Steve, and running a successful business – though she continues to face unique challenges that few others do.

Steve Winnick is an attorney licensed in Massachusetts and Florida as well as being admitted to practice before the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit and U.S. Claims Court. Many of his cases have set legal precedents throughout Massachusetts and Maine.

He spends much of his free time enjoying family time and taking care of his four beloved pups, volunteering for local civic and charitable organizations and also being actively engaged in political fundraising efforts.

Net Worth

Steve Winnick currently boasts an estimated net worth of $6 billion and it is likely to grow substantially with his leadership roles and charitable work.

He founded multiple private equity firms and co-founded Global Crossing in 1997; the latter operated a global fiber optic network for nine years until 2002 when it abruptly closed due to various reasons. Despite rapid expansion, Global Crossing eventually collapsed due to financial mismanagement and was later purchased by Verizon for billions.

He owns an expansive library of TV shows and investments in several high-profile projects, including working on a new series with Paget Brewster (famously seen as Emily Prentiss in “Criminal Minds”) as a lead actor, in addition to owning numerous real estate properties whose values remain undisclosed and being one of the major shareholders in Viacom Inc, a media conglomerate with extensive media holdings.

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