Steve Westphal

Steve Westphal – A Celebrity Biography

Steve Westphal is an American lawyer specializing in Health Law and Corporate Law. He currently practices at von Briesen, Purtell & Roper located in Sparta Wisconsin.

He enjoys attending large family gatherings, driving old cars, having dogs as companions and attending Renaissance fairs. Additionally, he’s an accomplished baseball coach – leading his teams to 13 conference championships and 16 substate finals!

Early Life and Education

Steven Westphal led an unflappable life from its start, conquering paralysis caused by polio in early childhood and living each moment fully while not allowing any health concerns to slow him down.

He spent 33 years teaching physical education and coaching baseball at Lenox Community Schools. Under his tutelage, his teams won 13 conference championships, 16 substate titles, and made nine state tournament appearances during this time period.

Westphal was in Green Bay preparing for his next summer league game when area scout Brett Baldwin gave him the good news: He had signed a minor league contract with Colorado Rockies! Westphal shocked Ethan with this momentous news when he got home – it truly felt like his dream had come true!

Professional Career

Westphal has spent his career in hospitality working at various establishments such as Parkshore Grill and Hangar Restaurant and Flight Lounge, the YMCA of Tampa Bay as a manager and as a board member of United Way of Pinellas County.

At Linfield, he distinguished himself by earning five individual all-America accolades and seven program records in four years. Additionally, he helped two conference championship relay teams reach victory as conference champs while garnering three top five finishes at nationals.

Although experts were in disagreement on whether Westphal would reach MMI, such disagreement was irrelevant given that uncontroverted vocational testimony revealed that he could not perform any sedentary work – consistent with Oswald and Hadley decisions.

Achievement and Honors

He was an all-American guy, fond of family, old cars, dogs, Renaissance fairs and the bible. He particularly enjoyed hosting large family gatherings with food and fireworks; occasionally taking in stray animals along his journey.

He revitalized Bethany College’s baseball program and turned them into one of the powerhouses in the National Junior College Athletic Association, winning three straight Region XIII Coach of the Year Awards from NJCAA.

He served on the MAYBA Board and helped develop Bethany Baseball Field; he was inducted into the MAYBA Hall of Fame in 2022. ACU celebrated athletes and coaches at its Westphal Awards on Saturday; former NBA player Paul Westphal spoke of finding an authentic team, while opera singer Amber Wagner spoke of finding her ideal mentor.

Personal Life

Steve Westphal was an extremely patriotic individual. He loved old cars, dogs, guns, Renaissance fairs and his Bible. Steve would often try to help someone in need while also enjoying large family gatherings with extended family. Steve could often be found playing around and having fun, often making people laugh along the way.

He was Lenox High’s baseball coach for 33 years, winning 48 games and one state championship. Additionally, he taught high school football and basketball.

Steven Westphal is the owner and operator of Rib City in Sparta, United States, employing 58 people. It’s managed by C-Level executives with revenue reaching $2.5 million last year. Steven is married with two children; lives on 13 acres; loves hunting and fishing!

Net Worth

Steve Westphal is estimated to have an estimated net worth of over 220 Million dollars as of 2023, owning more than 1.509,373 units of VERX stock and having completed 12 trades since 2020.

He enjoyed large family gatherings, old cars, guns, renaissance fairs and reading his Bible. An all-American guy at heart, he enjoyed helping out those in need and working on his 13 acres as well as taking in any stray animals he found while roaming his property.

Coach Hernandez and assistants Kenneth Namanny and Steve Westphal look to improve on the Spartans’ 6-35 record and 3-25 mark from last season. Westphal, who led both Martensdale St. Mary’s and Lenox high schools to state championships last season, can throw fastballs that reach up to 91mph as well as secondary pitches that may surprise opponents.

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