Steve Turbyfill

Steve Turbyfill – A Contractor With Over 30 Years of Experience

Steve is a third generation builder/contractor with more than three decades of on the job experience. As a hands-on contractor, he brings his personal touch to each remodeling/construction project he undertakes.

Doctors testified that Turbyfill’s descriptions of his injuries did not make sense, noting his fingernails being short and lacking blood underneath them.

Early Life and Education

He was extremely proud of all their accomplishments and especially enjoyed being part of their lives as grandparents. Moreover, he lived every moment to its fullest extent!

He proudly served his nation in the United States Air Force with distinction, serving in various places like Texas, Alaska and Vietnam. Through a blind date he met his future wife of over 50 years – she passed away earlier this year.

Surviving family members include sisters Gerri Lee, Betty Graham, Mima Lawson; sisters Gerri Lee, Betty Graham and Mima Lawson; brothers Wes Owens and Van Pearce of Twin Springs; step-brothers Gary Musselman and Bob Kindle of Athens as well as an extended family members. Carter-Trent Funeral Home in Kingsport will provide services to this family; visitation will be Monday evening from 6-8pm at Carter-Trent Funeral Home.

Professional Career

Steven A. Turbyfill Jr is a third generation builder/contractor with over three decades of experience. As President/CEO of Freedom General Contracting Inc in Doylestown, PA (founded March 2000), he takes pride in taking an individualized approach when remodeling projects are assigned to him by clients; each one an opportunity for him to utilize and expand on his vast array of knowledge to find solutions best suited to their remodeling/construction requirements.

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Achievement and Honors

Steve Turbyfill was not only known for his professional achievements but was also an active participant in his community. He attended First Baptist Church of Danville and was an ordained deacon. Additionally, he served on the Capital Health Cancer Center board of directors and founded Old Goats Club. Steve is survived by his wife Betty Fortner Turbyfill; two sons; Stephen (Donna) Turbyfill and Alan (Katie); two stepsons Claude Gambrell and Chris Gambrell as well as eleven grandchildren.

Nancy Jane Buchanan was born in North Carolina to Steven Buchanan and Ella Greene on October 1889 and married Jesse Gilbert Buchanan the following year in North Carolina on April 8, 1908.

Personal Life

Beloved wife, mother and grandmother; passionate animal lover who took great pride in caring for Liberty Belle and Marley as pets. Active member of various charities within her community as well as Rotary Club of Newland.

Turbyfill appeared unaffected when doctors informed her that her child’s injury may have been intentional and not accidental, when asked by the doctor why she hadn’t called an ambulance sooner she responded that hospitals were too far away and she was busy taking care of chores at home.

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Net Worth

As a business owner, he was able to amass an impressive net worth of more than $4 Million due to his successful venture into IT and involvement with multiple organizations.

Personal life includes being married with two children and one stepdaughter; being devoted to his family; loving his grandchildren deeply. Furthermore, he’s active member of Bible Way Baptist Church in Kingsport Tennessee serving as deacon.

Family & Friends

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