Steve Stinnett

Steve Stinnett

Steve Stinnett is a physical therapist specializing in manual therapy. As a licensed practitioner in Arkansas and with Medicare coverage, he currently practices in Siloam Springs.

Steve Stinnett did not enjoy an easy childhood. Raised in a dysfunctional family and learning-disabled status, life became difficult. Yet God provided strength in abundance through faith to see him through all of its trials and storms.

Early Life and Education

Steve Stinnett was born November 23rd 1953 in Oildale, California and suffered through an abusive stepfather that made life miserable for him as well as learning-disabilities that caused alienation at school. Luckily his grandparents showed him love as children which allowed him to maintain hope throughout life’s trials and storms.

At Palo Duro High School he graduated and later married Jill VanEgdom of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Together they had two daughters Kalie and Keira along with Reagan their granddaughter – something he greatly loved and was very proud to call family.

He enjoyed all aspects of sports from coaching and watching to participating or simply cheering his favorite teams like the Dallas Cowboys, Arkansas Razorbacks and USC Trojans for college football and baseball respectively.

Professional Career

Stinnett served as assistant state commissioner of education and director of teacher education and certification with the Arkansas State Department of Education, in addition to contributing to various professional journals in his field of expertise.

After leading backcountry hikes for 30 years for the National Park Service, Steve Stinnett wanted to find an opportunity to regain his outdoor skills and stamina. So he signed up for the Trailblaze Challenge — an 8-mile one-day trek along Blue Ridge Parkway.

Stinnett graduated from accounting in 1989 and remains active in her community by serving on the boards of both Philbrook Museum of Art in Tulsa and Tulsa Regional Chamber of Commerce, in addition to becoming part of Spears School of Business Hall of Fame.

Achievement and Honors

Stinnett graduated from the University of Oklahoma College of Law and began practicing as a lawyer in Texas. Over time, however, he realized his true calling lay with business law representation, so he founded his own firm to serve clients from this industry.

His firm specializes in helping companies manage risk and improve performance, and currently employs more than 100 team members across three states – including Nordam!

He is an active member of OSU Spears School of Business Alumni Association and serves on boards for numerous Tulsa organizations, such as Philbrook Museum of Art and Tulsa Regional Chamber of Commerce.

He founded Quick Track Club in 2014 as an effective running program to assist youth, high school, and college runners reach their goals.

Personal Life

Steve Stinnett was an all-star in every aspect of sports he participated in – whether playing, coaching or simply watching. An avid supporter of all local, college and pro teams such as Anaheim Angels, USC Trojans and Arkansas Razorbacks in baseball and football respectively; golf and horseback riding were other favorite pastimes of his.

He leaves behind his beloved wife Jill VanEgdom from Sioux Falls; children Kalie, Keira, Ashton and Patience; sisters Jeanie Marshall of Amarillo Texas and Debbie Wall from Oklahoma City as well as brother Larry Marshall who has many nieces and nephews he leaves behind a beautiful legacy for all those he touched during his lifetime on earth. He will always be remembered fondly.

Net Worth

He boasts an impressive net worth of approximately $1 Million. During his professional baseball playing days he played for multiple teams; typically earning between $3-$4 million annually with top players netting considerably more.

Stinnett loves Mobile’s vibrant culture and loves attending Mardi Gras. Additionally, he enjoys visiting South Alabama beaches. In his free time he gives talks about weather-related matters to churches, businesses, civic organizations and schools across Alabama and Mississippi.

He provides advice to high net worth families and business owners regarding tax, wealth management and asset protection strategies, family business consulting services. With more than 35 years of experience in this field, he can also offer family business consultancy services.

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