Steve Sharkey,

Steve Sharkey, Director of Special Projects for the City of Chicago

Steve Sharkey serves as director of special projects for the city and has spearheaded special oversight measures that have reduced building maintenance backlog and enforced greater financial accountability, among other accomplishments.

Before joining AirTouch Communications and the Federal Communications Commission on various spectrum and mandate issues, Mr. Lee served as Motorola’s Lead Technical Representative in Washington DC office. Additionally he assisted AirTouch on spectrum related matters as well as spectrum mandate issues.

Early Life and Education

Steve Kent Sharkey was beloved by those he touched. Known to most simply as “Sharkey”, his compassion was boundless and his many acts of kindness had an incredible impactful ripple effect through lives far and wide.

He began his martial arts training with Sifu Mike Lavender at St Luke’s Church Hall, Wallasey in 1976. Subsequently he trained Lau Gar Kung Fu under Sifu Jimmy Chan of Liverpool China Town; additionally taking Boxing and Judo lessons as well.

Over 18 years, he served in multiple capacities at Baltimore City government to increase efficiency across multiple agencies and earn national renown, being featured in two books about his innovative approaches to governance: The PerformanceStat Potential and City on the Line.

Professional Career

Isaiah Sharkey ’06 built up an impressive resume as a session guitarist in Chicago jazz clubs and beyond, backing up artists including Paul Simon. Additionally, he received a Grammy Award for his collaboration with D’Angelo for his 2016 album Black Messiah.

Mr. Green is an active participant in his local community, volunteering his time for non-profit boards and serving on a small business start-up board. Additionally, he volunteers his services through industry volunteer efforts; being invited as an editorial advisory board member of Network Computing magazine as well as various technology panels and groups.

He has proven his leadership excellence for Baltimore City Government by increasing departmental efficiency across multiple agencies. Through careful administrative oversight, financial responsibility, and creative executive management he has made tangible gains to its functionality.

Achievement and Honors

He oversees 200 city owned buildings and facilities, supervises over 5,600 vehicles used by 29 different agencies and oversees an annual budget of over $105 Million. In his current role he demonstrates a keen dedication towards improving government efficiency across multiple agencies.

Sharkey first started working for City Hall at CitiStat office, helping implement performance metrics across municipal departments. Later he worked in Public Works right-of-way section and Traffic Enforcement division before being named director by Mayor Jack Young in 2019.

The Baltimore Daily Record recently honored him with its 2017 VIP List, honoring professionals 40 years old or younger who are considered successful professionals. Additionally, he serves on CVMA’s Commission on Education and Task Force for Animal Welfare Principles.

Personal Life

Sharkey serves as Director of General Services for the City of Madison. In this capacity, he oversees an office that manages 200 city-owned facilities and maintains over 5,600 vehicles used by 29 agencies. Furthermore, in this role he has fostered stronger relationships between government entities while increasing operational efficiency and cost savings.

He began his career in the copier industry working as a service technician for Allied Office Solutions which later was acquired by Toshiba Business Solutions. Over 9 years ago he transitioned into helping dealerships grow revenue with NEXERA products; currently helping dealerships increase revenues with this brand as well. Ian Cooper trains him in various martial arts systems each Saturday morning in Calderstone Park Liverpool; no matter the weather!

Net Worth

The Sharkey brothers earned a stellar reputation for quality and integrity when serving clients – something which continues to define their business even in these difficult economic times. This philosophy remains at the core of everything they do today.

He is an accomplished member of the American Bar Association with extensive expertise in commercial litigation, employment law (including enforcement of non-compete agreements), real estate disputes and insurance law (first party property, coverage and third party liability claims) as well as class action defense and attorney fee disputes.

Redmond is on probation since 2008 after allegedly striking a woman in the head with a baseball bat during filming for this series. Her injuries required hospital treatment.

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