Steve Scoville

Steve Scoville, a Science Teacher at a Local High School

Steven Scoville is a high school science teacher who strives to help his students understand the world they inhabit. He encourages them to pose questions and research scientific topics in depth.

He assists them with presenting their findings before a panel of judges and has composed various musical works.

Steven Scoville sold cold medicine to two of his friends last November and now faces 10 years in jail for doing so.

Early Life and Education

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He worked at his father’s Vestal Parkway dealership during summer breaks during both high school and college, before starting his own dealership in Owego after graduating Villanova University. Soon thereafter, his dealership network expanded further by opening locations in Bainbridge, Sidney and Oneonta.

Steven was 16 when he sold over-the-counter cold medication to his friends, potentially risking jail time of up to 10 years. Kenneth says he’s not worried about Steven being sent away but rather wants his education taken care of first.

Professional Career

Steve Scoville is an established businessman. He owns four auto dealerships in New York and enjoys teaching. Furthermore, he is an active philanthropist. Moreover, Steve is sought-after speaker on topics related to entrepreneurship, leadership and team building.

His curriculum equips his students with essential lifelong skills that will aid their futures, and encourages pupils to conduct scientific research just like researchers do – giving them an opportunity to think independently while deepening their understanding of a particular topic.

The Herb Scoville Peace Fellowship provides college graduates with an eight to nine month full-time fellowship working at nonprofit, public interest organizations that focus on key aspects of peace and security issues. It is open both to United States citizens as well as foreign nationals residing here on work visas.

Achievement and Honors

He also serves as director of Caltech’s Owens Valley Radio Observatory and has made pioneering radio, submillimeter and infrared observations of interstellar gas clouds including giant molecular clouds.

He was a founding member and board member of the Arms Control Association and worked to educate the public about arms control through writing and speaking engagements.

Wilber Scoville established the pepper heat scale that bears his name while working for Parke Davis. His goal was to develop an accurate method for measuring capsaicin, the chemical responsible for pepper’s heat. At Parke Davis he found himself at the intersection between academic pharmacology and industry needs; here he developed both organoleptic tests for pepper heat as well as his famous Scoville scale to measure it.

Personal Life

She was an active member of Emmanuel Friedens Church in Schenectady and participated in various community volunteer efforts. June was known to be generous with her time, and will be sorely missed by both family and friends alike.

Steven Scoville, a Middletown high school student, sold over-the-counter cold medicine to one of his friends at school last November. When called into Principal’s Office by her principal, Steven admitted selling her Coricidin Cough and Cold. Kenneth Scoville reported searching the student handbook but could find no provisions prohibiting drug sales on campus.

Scoville enjoys researching family history in his free time, believing that understanding one’s ancestry provides an important foundation in today’s unpredictable world. Additionally, he’s a dedicated teacher armed his pupils with skills they will use throughout their lives.

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