Steve Sayers

Steve Sayers, RPUG Steering Committee Member and RPUG Technical Achievement Award

At its core, his greatest joy lay in spending time with family and friends – particularly camping, snowmobiling and golfing.

His research interests focus on family factors affecting mental and physical health, and he oversees Coaching Into Care’s telephone-based outreach program for families looking to encourage someone in their family to seek treatment.

Early Life and Education

Sayers earned his master of school administration from Ashland University, his bachelor’s from Kent State and associate of arts from Lorain County Community College. In 1987 he started his educational career as a teacher, athletic director and varsity basketball coach.

She became an advertising copywriter, using her quick wit and word play to great effect in this work that violated her Christian morals but she enjoyed doing and made an honest living from it.

She studied languages at Oxford and became involved with the Society of St. Anne – an open discussion group bringing Christians and agnostics together for ethical discussions and religion debates – before venturing into playwriting, novels writing (such as The Floating Admiral), playdirecting (including Double Death ) and novel publishing.

Professional Career

Sayers was an outstanding running back at the University of Kansas, leading his team in both rushing and returns his junior and senior years. He averaged an impressive 5.2 yards per carry while returning punts for 17.5 yards on average.

Sayers had an impressive pro football career before it was cut short due to injury. Drafted first-round by Chicago Bears and Kansas City Chiefs respectively.

Sayers founded a sports marketing and supply firm as well as several other businesses. He was a strong supporter of various charities and foundations such as Better Boys Foundation, Cradle Adoption Agency, Grid Iron Greats, Wesley House. Furthermore, Sayers was an author who had an incredible appreciation of Columbia that he wanted to share with others.

Achievement and Honors

Sayers was honored with a technical achievement award by the Road Profiler User Guide Steering Committee for his efforts on the Road Profiler User Guide (RPUG). Sayers has shown his strong commitment to fiscal responsibility while maintaining high quality performance, according to Kenston Schools. Furthermore, Sayers demonstrated an ability to consolidate and restructure services for greater efficiency.

Sayers was one of a select few women coaches to lead both men’s and women’s programs at Northern Iowa, coaching both varsity squads simultaneously. She assisted various athletes with setting school records or earning All-MVC honors; additionally, three different seasons saw Sayers’ squads place second in Drake Relays 4×400 relay events.

Sayer was an avid collector of hockey cards and loved spending time with Charity Klapwyk, Maverick Winter and Cameron and Colton Baker – his nieces and nephews whom he was close with. He is survived by both parents as well as Kathy.

Personal Life

Sayers led an eventful and event-filled life, yet never experienced true stability in her home environment. Her lively nature and pen created replacements for what she missed most: family.

She began a career in advertising using her quick wit and play on words to excel, but found it hard to reconcile her Christian values with the seductive work that provided income.

Lee Duffy was among one of the North East’s most infamous criminal families before turning his focus towards crime writing and supporting Bushkill Outreach’s weekly dinner service for those without sufficient food sources. Additionally, he played professional football.

Net Worth

Dr Sayers has engaged in multiple stock trades, the most significant being exercising 35,224 units of Agilysys Inc on 26 February 2007 for over $308,210. Additionally, he made various other trades at smaller value.

As part of his research on family factors in mental health, he has presented some of his work publicly. Additionally, he has served as a consultant to several veteran-oriented organizations, such as the VA.

He is currently involved in a project aimed at providing coaching services to families of mentally ill veterans. He is the father of two daughters and grandfather to five grandchildren. Additionally, he teaches swing dancing classes in North Hollywood, California – his passion being conserving great American partner jazz dances from the 1920s and 1930s.

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