Steve Novenstein

Steve Novenstein, Co-Founder and CEO of UOVO

Steve Novenstein, co-founder and CEO of Uovo, oversees numerous strategic initiatives that drive its overall growth. With 24 years of real estate development expertise combined with strong legal and financial backgrounds, Steve is uniquely qualified to steer Uovo.

Art collector Steven Guttman and real estate developer Steve Novenstein established Uovo, which provides fine art storage. Aptly named after the Italian word for egg, Uovo officially began operations in January 2013.

Early Life and Education

Steve Novenstein was born August 16th 1962 in Concord Massachusetts to Harriet Theresa Koch (psychiatric nurse) and Edwin A. Carell (electrical engineer). He attended both The Fenn School and Middlesex Schools prior to enrolling at Denison University in Granville Ohio where he eventually received his B.S.

He currently sits on the boards of multiple companies, such as UOVO, Storage Deluxe and March of Dimes Westchester/Rockland Division. In addition, he is an active member of both the Connecticut Self-Storage Association as well as affiliate groups such as National Self Storage Owners Group and Large Size Self Storage Owners Group.

In 2019, he was appointed CEO of UOVO, where he oversees business development and leadership initiatives for the company. With 24 years of real estate development and leadership experience as well as strong legal and financial knowledge – as well as 24 years’ worth of legal knowledge for UOVO – his expertise makes him an asset in this role.

Professional Career

Steve Novenstein is president and co-founder of Storage Deluxe in New York City’s metropolitan area, offering self-storage facilities to fashion designers, art galleries, museums, as well as legal and financial clients. With 24 years of real estate development experience under his belt and extensive legal and financial knowledge to boot, Storage Deluxe serves an array of clients such as fashion designers, art galleries, museums.

Uovo was established in 2013 by Steven Guttman, an art collector and real-estate developer, and Novenstein to “reimagine art and collections storage and services.” Uovo currently boasts three facilities on Long Island as well as two in Rockland County for art storage services and clientele including the Rubin Museum of Art archives as well as Oscar de la Renta archives stored in Long Island City.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Novenstein is one of the co-founders of UOVO and serves as its strategic initiative manager, overseeing various initiatives and responsible for its overall growth. With 24 years of real estate development and leadership experience backed by strong legal and financial credentials, he brings immense knowledge to this role. Additionally, Steve is a member of both National Self Storage Association (NSSA) and Connecticut Self Storage Association (CSSA), Long Island Partnership BID Board of Directors as well as March of Dimes Westchester/Rockland Division board memberships.

Personal Life

Steve Novenstein is co-founder of Uovo and is responsible for driving its overall growth as co-CEO. With 24 years of real estate development and leadership experience as well as strong legal and financial expertise, Steve brings unparalleled skills and capabilities to this position.

Uovo Art Storage + Collection Management Services was established by art collector Steven Guttman and real-estate developer Steve Novenstein in 2013 in New York City to specialize in fine art storage and collections management services. After reaching capacity with his top-floor art facility in the Bronx, and realizing existing options could be improved upon further, they established this firm whose name derives from Italian word for egg – hence its moniker Uovo!

Uovo facilities feature climate-controlled, super insulated rooms and viewing areas designed to store high-end artwork, furniture and collectibles – including those belonging to fashion designer Oscar de la Renta who has stored his designs as well as archives at Uovo.

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