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Fort Worth’s Unofficial “Mayor” Reveals New Chapter

The Stockyards has long been known for its colorful tales, and Steve Murrin – its unofficial “mayor” – recently shared one more. According to him, powerful winds swept through and toppled an historic brick building off Main Street Thursday afternoon, sparking new chapters for this exciting storybook community.

Murrin owns River Ranch, an event venue revitalizing the district. Additionally, he runs a law firm specializing in representing injured motorcyclists and clubs.

Early Life and Education

Steve Murrin, an influential Fort Worth businessman, realtor, and developer, has given Deborah Peoples his endorsement for Tarrant County judge. According to Murrin, Deborah Peoples stands out as the ideal candidate because her focus lies on providing effective county governance. Additionally, this Republican has chosen Deborah Peoples over fellow candidate Tim O’Hare whose views he considers to be on the “extreme right”.

Murrin, widely acclaimed as the unofficial mayor of Fort Worth Stockyards, initiated an effort in 1973 to save and renovate this iconic symbol of Cowtown heritage from decay and potential demolition into an attraction that attracts visitors worldwide. His efforts saved it from decay while revitalizing it into an attraction that brings commerce, history, and entertainment together under one roof.

Murrin attended St. John’s University of New York City and Western New England School of Law before beginning his legal career with the District Attorneys Offices of both cities before transitioning into private practice. Additionally, he is a member of both The Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and American Trial Lawyers Association.

Professional Career

Steve Murrin has an impressive background as an entrepreneur, business owner, real estate developer and investor. Additionally, he owns Westfork Ranch in Tarrant County Texas where he’s known to get things done efficiently.

He is a pro-business conservative who has worked on various political campaigns. A member of the Republican Party, he has also endorsed candidates running for office. Furthermore, he has represented both current and former police officers in legal disputes.

He is a fourth-generation Texan with strong roots in Fort Worth’s cowboy culture, having founded the movement that revitalized the Stockyards district in 1973 – saving it from potential destruction while creating an iconic monument of Cowtown heritage. Widely revered throughout Fort Worth as “unofficial Mayor of the Stockyards”.

Achievement and Honors

Murrin, known as the unofficial mayor of Cowtown, began a movement to revitalize and preserve Stockyards District as a national multicultural western heritage site in 1973. Through his hard work, this area has become a beloved tourist attraction that welcomes guests from all around the globe.

He is also an accomplished businessman, rancher, real estate developer and former city council member in Tarrant County where his Westfork Ranch can be found.

He is a motorcycle enthusiast and owns his own boutique law firm specializing in representing injured motorcyclists, clubs and rights organizations. With summer homes in both New York’s Hudson Valley and California and an assortment of Harleys including one recently purchased Road Glide models he is an enthusiastic rider and travel writer for various motorcycle magazines.

Personal Life

Steve Murrin, as unofficial mayor of the Stockyards and owner of Westfork Ranch, spearheads efforts to preserve its authenticity as an authentic symbol of Cowtown heritage and to combat commercialization which would compromise it. Additionally, he serves as an international representative and advocate for Fort Worth and Texas.

Randy Rostetter roamed East Exchange Street with Lone Star, taking pictures with tourists for tips. Murrin allowed him to house Lone Star at River Ranch Stockyards event venue as well as provide other assistance.

Steven Murrin, an influential Fort Worth businessman and real estate developer who served on city council previously, has given his backing to Democratic Deborah Peoples as Tarrant County Judge. Murrin believes Peoples is the superior choice because her commitment to good county governance sets her apart from her opponent, Republican Tim O’Hare.

Net Worth

Steve Murrin has dedicated much of his money, blood and sweat to revitalizing Fort Worth’s Stockyards since 1973. Leading the fight to protect their heritage while protecting them from commercialization that could compromise them, Steve was the single greatest force driving this effort forward.

Recently, he successfully concluded an acquisition in the Stockyards. He purchased property located at 600 N.E. 23rd Street which adjoins River Ranch and crosses Marine Creek; terms of this sale remain undisclosed.

Steve is also a prolific contributor to motorcycling magazines and travel websites, serving as an advocate for his biker clients who understand their lifestyle. A member of both ABATE and HOG at both state and national levels, Steve has handled over one hundred jury trials representing these clients and recovered millions in damages on their behalf.

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