Steve McCloud

Steve McCloud Dies at the Age of 57

McCloud has spent his career leading military expeditions and creating a consultancy for high-performance teams, but remains committed to serving his community at large. Working from Indianapolis’ East side Boner Center he connects people with resources.

McCloud volunteers for the non-profit NEAR, helping revitalize east side neighborhoods. He argues in his federal habeas petition that trial counsel provided ineffective assistance by failing to object to improper in-court and photo identification practices.

Early Life and Education

McCloud, one of the youngest prisoners at Michigan Reformatory near Ionia, takes great care not to make friends as he wishes to remain out of trouble. Even without going back to school for years he managed to obtain his GED and is currently working towards college degrees.

Boner Elementary and the non-profit NEAR work to revitalize neighborhoods on Indianapolis’ east side. His words of wisdom inspire many, with him saying that anyone can change their life if he was able to.

Steve hails from Indiana and began playing music as a teenager with bands. Later he relocated to Florida where he found work as a one man band on a small private island for one full year.

Professional Career

McCloud made another highlight play for San Francisco in Week 15 by taking a wide-zone handoff on his second return and running it 71 yards for a touchdown – yet his usage hasn’t significantly increased without Deebo Samuel, making him a poor fantasy option going into their playoff matchup against Arizona.

McCloud presented Channel 4 series Grand Designs Indoors and Abroad as well as writing several books on interior design. He owns his own lighting design and manufacturing business as well as hosting short-lived BBC show Flip Flop; has appeared as Chester Goode on Gunsmoke; advocates for Green Party; endorsed Caroline Lucas for parliamentary candidacy in 2015 UK General Election – this list continues!

Personal Life

He leaves behind his devoted wife Kara Frans McCloud and their three sons Gabriel, Gavin and Graham who he greatly cherished spending time with; especially playing soccer together and coaching their teams.

He was an accomplished musician and songwriter, touring the country before moving to Greenville, SC where he met Kara.

He was open about his bipolar disorder, advocating frank discussion about mental health and its effect on individuals, their loved ones, and society as a whole. Additionally, he actively assisted people through reentry programs and community outreach initiatives while volunteering his time for various charitable causes.

Net Worth

McCloud is a well-known celebrity in the UK with an estimated net worth of over PS2.7 million and boasts an impressive annual profit from his architectural company MCC3 Ltd, which generates profits of more than PS3 million annually.

Kevin McCloud has hosted multiple television programs including Kevin McCloud’s Grand Tour (2009), Slumming It (January 2010), and Man Made Home (2015).

Steven currently resides at 681 Piedmont Dr, Deltona FL 32725 in Volusia County and is widely known for breaking stereotypes, breaking recidivism statistics, and connecting people to resources they need. He volunteers at Boner Center on the east side as a connector between those coming through re-entry programs and people needing support services; additionally he works with children teaching computer programming.

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