Steve Marchese

Who Is Steve Marchese?

Steve Marchese has served as Executive Producer for multiple cycles of The Webby Awards, expanding its global recognition. Additionally, he oversees the development of digital events and initiatives such as New York Digital Week, Netted and NYC Digital.

Marchese and her fellow elected members under a Caucus for Change banner have begun altering district leadership, becoming more attentive to both community needs and teacher concerns.

Early Life and Education

Steve Marchse was raised in Minnesota before moving to Seattle in 2007. Since then he has held multiple public service roles and led pro bono efforts for the Minnesota State Bar Association as an attorney – most recently serving as director for Seattle’s Office of Labor Standards.

Marchese was elected to the St. Paul school board for four years in 2015. As soon as his election was finalized, Marchese began campaigning for increased spending on classroom instruction instead of administration costs, criticizing teachers union influence on school decisions and encouraging schools to return students back for in-person instruction during the coronavirus pandemic.

Professional Career

Steve Marchese is widely-recognized as a leader in digital innovation. He oversees the management and expansion of Webby Media Group including The One Show, New York Times Made in NYC Digital Jobs Map, Internet Week Europe, Internet Week USA as well as having directed production for eight Webby Award cycles.

Cornerstone Consulting Group is a bipartisan consulting firm providing federal government relations, lobbying, public affairs and strategic communications services. He has extensive experience in all areas of legislation including foreign policy decisions.

He served on the Saint Paul School Board, working closely with community members, employees, leaders and labor representatives. Furthermore, he spearheaded pro bono efforts with Minnesota State Bar Association.

Achievement and Honors

Candese Marchese is an experienced singer who has appeared in multiple Broadway shows. She has received multiple awards and honors for her work. Candese made headlines as Eponine/Cosette in Les Miserables on both national and international tours, as well as performing in Miss Saigon on Broadway.

Marchese was elected to the Saint Paul school board in Minnesota in 2015, winning one of four seats up for election. He served for two years until leaving in February to join Seattle’s Office of Labor Standards.

He brings with him extensive public service experience to this new role, working closely with employees, leadership, labor representatives and elected officials from various communities and employees. Additionally, he led pro bono efforts at the Minnesota State Bar Association including linking legal services with community-serving organizations.

Personal Life

Marchese has been an active member of the Saint Paul school board for four years. During this time he has advocated for more strategic budgets from administrators as well as working to reverse declining enrollment numbers. Furthermore he was an outspoken voice against teachers union influence as well as championing students returning for in-person instruction during coronavirus pandemic.

He currently serves as principal of Cornerstone Government Affairs, a bipartisan consulting firm that specializes in federal government relations, lobbying, public affairs and strategic communications. Based in Virginia with his wife and two daughters.

Marchese recently filed personal financial disclosures. LegiStorm Pro subscribers can view his full list of disclosed interests and clients; click here to subscribe or log in and access these.

Net Worth

What Makes Him Powerful: He began buying stocks at age 8 and has appeared on Bloomberg TV, CNBC and Business Insider. Marchese Financial provides market commentary and education through blogs, articles and educational videos.

What propelled him: He owns one fifth of MGM Resorts International, the largest casino operator in Las Vegas. Additionally, he invests millions in venture-capital projects while supporting numerous philanthropic initiatives.

He founded his hedge fund in 1995 and currently stands at an estimated value of $2.2 billion. As an activist investor, he has taken long positions in companies like J.C. Penney and Procter & Gamble; in addition to this he sits on several institutions such as being trustee of U.S. Olympic Committee, Mount Sinai Hospital and Manhattan Institute.

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