Steve Louden

Steve Louden – A Profile of a Finance Executive

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Louden noted that Roku stands a much greater chance than many of its rivals in conquering the ad-supported video market, due to its access to viewer data and ability to direct people toward channels which offer ads.

Early Life and Education

Steve Louden is an executive at streaming video service Roku. He joined as CFO in 2015, having more than two decades of experience. Steve received both his Bachelor’s of Economics and Mathematics at Claremont McKenna College as well as an MBA degree from Harvard Business School.

Louden created SRC Records as a rap promotion and management company in 1991, giving some of hip hop’s major stars their big breaks such as Twista, Big Pun, Wu-Tang Clan, award show host Fat Joe etc. The label became home for such iconic figures such as Twista, Big Pun, Wu-Tang Clan as well as award show host Fat Joe.

He launched a music festival dubbed ‘Think Pink Rocks’ to raise funds for breast cancer research, featuring performances by artists like LL Cool J, The Beastie Boys, and Mobb Deep.

Professional Career

Steve Louden is Chief Financial Officer of Roku, a streaming media platform company. Since 2015 he has played an instrumental role in its initial public offering as well as overseeing corporate development, IT, and customer support on top of his financial responsibilities.

Prior to this position, he held various finance, strategy and planning roles at Washington Mutual, McKinsey & Company and The Walt Disney Company.

He serves on the board of Zumiez and as an advisor at Twin Ridge Capital Acquisition Corp. His undergraduate degree was earned at Claremont McKenna College and an MBA was obtained at Harvard Business School.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Louden has received numerous honors and awards throughout his professional life, such as the Lifetime Achievement Award given out by veterans of the legal industry who have made significant contributions and improvements in their practice of law. It is highly sought-after and only awarded annually.

Steve Louden has been with Roku since 2015 and has played an instrumental role in its transformation from an ad-supported streaming service into a rapid public company.

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Personal Life

Steven Louden is an active father to two who enjoys golf and traveling with his family. Additionally, he is known for being an advocate for arts in West Virginia.

Louden joined Roku as CFO in 2015 after serving at Expedia as treasurer, overseeing its $6 billion revenue company with websites in more than 70 countries. Prior to Expedia, he held finance, strategy and planning positions at Washington Mutual, McKinsey and The Walt Disney Company.

Louden holds various board and advisory roles at Zumiez and Twin Ridge Capital Acquisition Corp, including serving on their boards respectively. Over the past 18 months he has not made any insider transactions and is also a member of American Red Cross; MyHeritage DNA test takers who descend from Steve Louden also share this trait.

Net Worth

Louden brings extensive financial and strategic experience across Internet, consumer experience and retail businesses as CFO of Roku since 2015. Before that he served Expedia Inc (an internet travel company) as treasurer. Additionally he held financial, strategy and planning roles at Washington Mutual, McKinsey and Company and The Walt Disney Company.

San Francisco–Roku announced on Wednesday that Dan Jedda, a former Stitch Fix executive, will begin serving as its CFO beginning May 1, succeeding current CFO Steve Louden who announced last year he would leave in August 2023. Louden will provide assistance during this transition process.

Steve Louden owned at least 6,100 units of Roku Inc stock worth $338,428 as of 11 May 2023 according to SEC Form 4 filings and has conducted at least nine insider trades since 2018.

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