Steve Hogan

Artist Steve Hogan

No matter if it depicts real wildlife or futuristic spaceships, his mesmerizing creations capture the imagination. Steve Hogan has perfected his craft over 35 years.

Hogan is an expert litigator who excels at handling Trusts, Estates and Business Litigation matters. He is well known for being accessible, responsive and focused on client services.

He helped Aurora adapt to metro Denver’s rapid development, becoming an advocate for his city following a 2012 theater shooting incident.

Early Life and Education

Steve Hogan hails from Missouri and uses both his saxophone and voice to play professional music. He has performed in several bands as well as for senior proms; rock is his preferred genre and would like to master piano performance one day.

He worked as a teacher, religious educator and curriculum coordinator before serving for five years as principal of La Salle schools across New Zealand, Australia and Papua New Guinea. He believes in the value of education and is a staunch supporter of academic, cultural and sporting activities.

Recently, he has successfully resolved an estate and trust litigation dispute through two days of arbitration; secured a judgment of partition for 110 tenants-in-common after lengthy trial; and successfully concluded shareholder litigation against venture capitalists who invested in his client’s company.

Professional Career

Wildlife, humans and futuristic spaceships he depicts with unique styles that draw audiences in and elevate their visual experience. His work brings fresh perspectives and vibrant hues that energize the audience.

Hogan has dedicated much of his free time and efforts toward community service activities, including founding Omaha Section’s nationally acclaimed youth golf program that serves over 600 local children annually as part of The First Tee program.

He has served on the City of Aurora board and successfully negotiated television, title sponsorship and other agreements that have allowed Florida Citrus Sports to grow into one of America’s premier bowl events.

Hogan is well-recognized for his work in Trusts, Estates and Probate litigation as well as Business litigation. As an accomplished litigator he often gives presentations to other attorneys and professionals in his field.

Achievement and Honors

Brother Steve has served as a religious educator, teacher and curriculum coordinator in Lasallian schools throughout Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea for five years – as Principal. Additionally he supports academic, cultural and sporting activities.

He has managed a wide array of major sporting events, from NFL preseason, college football, and international soccer neutral-site matches, to television, title sponsorship, and conference agreements that have elevated Florida Citrus Sports into one of three communities that annually host multiple bowl games.

He has also been recognized as a community leader, receiving the 2014 Dick Pope Legacy Award recognizing those who enhance Florida’s hospitality industry sustainability, and the Charles Andrews Memorial Hospitality Award in 2017 in recognition of his contributions towards building up Camping World Stadium’s local community.

Personal Life

Steve Hogan’s art brings people together in a shared experience of imagination and creativity. Whether depicting wildlife, humans or imagined spaceships – his captivating pieces captivate any setting and elevate any experience.

Steve has long resided in Camas Washougal, where he actively engages in community development efforts and serves as a member of the Camas Rotary Club.

His father instilled in him the value of treating others with kindness and respect, which has guided his professional life. He has served on various boards and committees including Camas School District Facility Committee.

He has extensive litigation experience, including major trusts and estates disputes, business litigation matters and real estate issues. Additionally, he frequently presents legal topics to professionals and other lawyers.

Net Worth

Terry Gene Bollea, commonly known by his ring name Hulk Hogan, rose to greatness as one of the most renowned figures in sports during the 1980s. His legendary career earned him an estimated annual income of $10 Million during his peak years with WWF and WCW.

Unfortunately, Hogan’s extravagant lifestyle sapped most of his wealth. He spent millions on fast cars and expensive houses that depleted his savings accounts. Additionally, his bitter divorce proceedings from his first wife also cost him substantial sums.

He has also attempted his hand at business with mixed results; for instance, his reality TV show Hogan Knows Best proved unsuccessful. Yet despite these setbacks, Hogan remains one of the most charitable celebrities worldwide, supporting and participating in organizations such as Make-A-Wish Foundation (a WWE partnership), 50 Legs Dreamseekers and more.

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