Steve Herzberg

Steve Herzberg – A Well-Known Cricketer With a Net Worth of $1.5 Million

Steve Herzberg, born 25 May 1967 and boasting an estimated net worth of $1.5 Million is an acclaimed and revered Cricketer.

Bodega Bay Fire Protection District’s Assistant Chief and also works on strategic initiatives for the department. He continues to take calls as well as being certified to drive four small town, BLS response/transport ambulances.

Early Life and Education

He has an intense commitment to patient care and runs calls on four small town BLS response/transport ambulances in northern Wisconsin. Additionally, he has participated in numerous community service projects. Furthermore, he holds both EMT and volunteer firefighter credentials.

Herzberg’s teaching philosophy encourages his students to work hard, have fun and become grounded in legal theory and its presentation. This strategy has served him well over 16 years at Madison’s campus, where he mixes an approachable ’60s-style commitment to social justice with practical considerations.

He leaves behind his wife, Karen; sons Blake and Bennett Hertzberg; daughter Darcy Hertzberg; mother Zenial; sister Connie Mangiaracina and an extended family. Memorial contributions may be made in his name to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society for Multiple Sclerosis Research.

Professional Career

Steve Herzberg first played senior cricket for Worcestershire County Cricket Club during the 1990 Refuge Assurance League competition in England. Although he stayed two seasons, never again did he appear for them as first class cricketer though regularly in their second XI.

Herzberg made his mark during the 1960s with legal services programs dedicated to representing disenfranchised groups, producing an important Frontline documentary on jury trial proceedings filmed from behind.

He possesses an in-depth strategic understanding of the business challenges faced by organisations today, an innate talent to connect with all stakeholders, strong leadership qualities and an exceptional ability to articulate complex ideas into simple language – an attribute which makes him an outstanding facilitator and coach.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Herzberg was an exemplary member of his community, having played an active role in Drury University’s Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity, Nevada Country Club, United Methodist Church of Nevada, men’s bridge group Thursday coffee club and 9:00 am golf group. Additionally he founded both Nevada Country Club Golf Tournament and Charity Auction events.

Steven Herzberg was an English-born former cricketer who competed professionally in both English County Cricket and Australian Sheffield Shield cricket. Additionally, he owned his own business specializing in leadership training; clients included ASG, Royal Sydney Golf Club, Hewlett Packard and MOQ Digital as clients of his company. His sons include Blake Hertzberg and Bennett Hertzberg while daughter Darcy Herold remains his daughter-in-law; Karen Herzberg outlives him.

Personal Life

Steve Herzberg is a proud family man, raising three children – Blake Hertzberg of Nevada, Missouri; Darcy Hertzberg from Lee’s Summit; and Bennett Hertzberg who hails from St Louis – as well as three grandchildren.

Personal life. He has combined 1960s-style social activism with practical considerations. He is involved with multiple social projects, such as a legal defense program where his students represent defendants charged with misdemeanors in actual court cases.

He has also been active in Jewish sports, playing cricket for Kent County and Somerset as well as being selected as selector for Australia at the Maccabiah Games. Furthermore, he runs a corporate training company while being an outspoken Democrat; Friday from 5:00 to 7:00 pm at his home will be open to visitors.

Net Worth

Steven Herzberg currently has an estimated net worth of $1.5 Million as of May 25, 2023.

Herzberg hails from Carshalton, England but relocated with his family to Western Australia as a child. As an amateur player for Worcestershire County Cricket Club – playing list A cricket in 1990’s Refuge Assurance League competition in England; making five first-class appearances as well as representing their Second XI regularly but did not play one-day matches for either squad.

Herzberg owns not only his shares of Sears but also an extensive stake in Access Industries, an investment holding assets across North America, Europe and South America – including equity in LyondellBasell Industries for chemical production as well as music-making company Warner Music Group which boasts recording artists such as Aretha Franklin to KD Lang – that includes equity.

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