Steve Haddad

Steve Haddad

Steve Haddad is an attorney specializing in Immigration, Criminal, Real Estate, and Civil law. Additionally, he served as temporary judge at Hammond City Court.

He has earned an impeccable track record with his clients, representing thousands of workers’ compensation cases successfully as well as hundreds of personal injury matters.

Early Life and Education

Steve Haddad was born in Jordan and immigrated to the United States at 18 years old. Initially, his career in real estate consisted of selling investment properties to college students as an investment strategy; over six homes were sold in his first year alone! Since then he has earned his Certified Financial Consultant certification through American College in Bryn Mawr Pennsylvania.

As an artist and music educator he has collaborated with some of the finest names in the business such as Osvaldo Golijov, Yo-Yo Ma, Dawn Upshaw, the Paul Winter Consort, Joe Lovano, Elliot Goldenthal and Brazil’s Assad Brothers – in addition to teaching at UTEP El Paso Texas.

At present, he serves as National Marketing Director at ECO Integrated Technologies and previously as Marketing Director at LSI as well as founding and leading Visions Innovated. Additionally, he holds a master’s degree from Boston University’s Wheelock College of Education and Human Development.

Professional Career

Steve Haddad started his legal career in 2000 and has established a thriving practice since. Licensed to practice both in Illinois and Indiana, Steve boasts excellent client satisfaction rates.

His business has expanded into real estate and investments. With over a dozen properties under management and his family active in real estate investing as well.

Steve Haddad is also an accomplished musician. For over forty years he has played bass-trombone and tuba with Quintessential Brass as a member, performing with El Paso and Las Cruces Symphony Orchestras as well as teaching both subjects at UTEP since 2004 – currently teaching euphonium and bass-trombone respectively – earning many awards and honors in recognition of his musical achievements.

Achievement and Honors

Dr. Alexander has been part of the Quintessential Brass Band for over 22 years and serves on both Bass-Trombone and Tuba sections of Pro-Musica and Nehring Consort chamber orchestras as a bass trombonist and tubist, respectively. Additionally, he has performed with Las Cruces Symphony, El Paso Symphony as well as co-founding Rhythms & Roots with fellow musician Richard Hedgecock while serving on Eberly College of Business Advisory Council and Association for Corporate Growth’s Pittsburgh chapter committees.

He led an intensive review of SCA’s in-house model for providing engineering broadcast and transmission services for TV (105 channels in regional Australia) and radio, leading to their transition towards an outsourced solution with BAI Communications.

Personal Life

Steve Haddad is happily married and the proud parent of three children. In his personal life, Steve loves playing guitar since age 10, as well as piano and percussion instruments from Lebanese heritage that he began learning as a child.

He is also an award-winning jazz musician, earning various accolades for his performances. Additionally, he directed the Friday’s at 7 series at Cleveland Severance Hall.

Haddad’s family is heavily involved with real estate as his father and brother are brokers. Since 1988, Haddad has owned his own office in downtown Kansas City that specializes in both residential and commercial property as well as being licensed to sell mortgages.

Net Worth

Haddad has amassed significant wealth through both his professional career and wealth accumulation. His estimated net worth is $300 Million. As well as being CEO of construction company ETRHB Haddad and chairman and superiority shareholder of USM Alger in Algerian League Professionnelle 1, he owns special TV channels Dzair TV, Dzair News as well as newspapers Le Temps d’Algerie and Wakt El Jazair.

Robert Haddad has proven his skill as an active stock trader by making several high-value trades over time. As of May 26, 2020, he owns 5,997 units of Exponent stock that are worth over $533,000 and exercises these shares at an average rate of 1,149 units every 41 days since 2017. Additionally, Robert has engaged in some non-liquidated deals.

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