Steve Hackeling

Judges Steve Hackeling and Patrick Hackeling

Steve Hackeling is an American film director, writer and actor renowned for his roles in Shotgun Honey (2017) and Two Crooks on a Corner (2013).

Judge Hackeling found that the village violated SEQRA when it adopted laws permitting Adam Potter’s proposed mixed-use affordable housing development project and failed to properly manage its SEQRA process itself.

Early Life and Education

Steve Hackeling hails from Huntington, New York and attended the High School of the Arts. After receiving a bachelor’s degree at SUNY at Buffalo and an LLM from Albany Law School respectively, he currently sits as Suffolk County District Court bench judge.

As appointed to his current position in 2002 and reelected twice since 2009 and 2014, he is running again in 2022 for another term of office – facing competition from Jim Matthews, Paul H. Senzer, Walter D. Long Jr. and Patricia Grant Flynn in the primary election process.

He is a member of both the Suffolk County Bar Association and American Bar Association, practicing law since 1983 and having also served as Presiding Officer of Suffolk County Legislature. A registered Republican.

Professional Career

Hackeling was first appointed to the District Court bench in 2002 and elected for a full term in 2003, before being reelected two more times between 2009 and 2014. A member of Suffolk County Bar Association, prior to being appointed he practiced private law with Macco Hackeling Stern LLP of Huntington before joining his current position on the bench. Frank Tinari approached Tepe with a proposal for cross endorsements of District Court candidates like Hackeling including Jim Matthews Paul Hensley and Walter D Long in 2014 town Republican Leader Frank Tinari approached her with Frank Tinari offered him full cross endorsements on all candidates running. Frank Tinari proposed cross endorsements across all primary contests involving Jim Matthews Jim Matthews Paul Hensley and Walter D Long who all ran in that primary race alongside others like Jim Matthews Paul Hensley and Walter D Long

Achievement and Honors

Patrick Hackeling is an award-winning writer and director, best known for his works Shotgun Honey (2017), The Bronx Dahmer (2015) and Two Crooks on a Corner (2013). Born in Huntington, New York and attending Swarthmore College; his parents are Steve and Deirdre Hackeling with one brother named Sean as well.

Mr. Kehoe was first elected to the Suffolk County District Court in 2002, and has been re-elected four times since: in 2003, 2009 and 2014. In 2014 he ran unsuccessfully for New York State Supreme Court but lost to Jim Matthews; currently, he works with Macco Hackeling & Stern LLP & is also an active member of Suffolk County Bar Association.

Personal Life

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Suffolk County boasts a two-to-one Republican majority, but their leaders haven’t always enjoyed complete control. This year, however, they lost it altogether when an unlikely alliance between Republicans and Democrats elected Huntington Republican C. Stephen Hackeling as its new presiding officer.

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Net Worth

Before being appointed to the District Court bench in 2002, Hackeling worked at Macco, Hackeling & Stern LLP in Huntington. He earned both his undergraduate and law degrees at State University of New York at Buffalo – before earning admissions into both New York and Florida bars respectively 1981 – 1982; becoming a member of Suffolk County Bar Association along with serving on its Executive Council for several terms (1983 to 1996). For his 2014 District Court primary campaign he faced Jim Matthews, Paul H. Senzer, Walter D Long Jr, Patricia Grant Flynn as well as incumbent Paul Hensley; running as candidate on Conservative, Independence, Working Families party lines

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