Steve Gunnell

Steve Gunnell Passes Away

Steven Lowell Gunnell died due to complications associated with Covid 19. He served as fire captain for Kaysville and Ogden City Fire Departments as well as helping vaccinate people at Davis County’s vaccine clinic.

Kenneth Kirkman received a certified letter from the state asking him to attend a hearing regarding terminating his parental rights, with an address listed as being that of a juvenile court.

Early Life and Education

Steven Gunnell is an orthopedic surgeon based out of Elko, Nevada. He earned his medical degree at P.G. INSTITUTE AND KAKATIYA UNIVERSITY/NIZAM’S INSTITUTE OF MEDICAL SCIENCES, and has been practicing for 24 years – affiliated with Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital and Battle Mountain General Hospitals.

Gunnell was an active firefighter for Kaysville and Ogden City fire departments before his retirement in 2019. Additionally, he actively served his community by volunteering at Davis County’s vaccine clinic to vaccinate local residents.

Gunnell is married and has two little boys, enjoying hiking and outdoor activities such as boating. Additionally, he loves spending time on his RZR and boat with his wife being actively involved with their church as they enjoy traveling together.

Professional Career

He held senior positions at Motorola and IBM before being hired at SAP AG as vice president of global trade. In his free time he has also volunteered for numerous community organizations as well as serving on the World Trade Center Utah board of directors.

Gunnell was first elected as a representative of the 31st Judicial District in 2007.

At Boston College, Gunnell became a three-time All-American while breaking Pete Mitchell’s receiving yards record of 2,459. Additionally, he played alongside quarterbacks Matt Ryan, Dominique Davis, and Dave Shinskie who all were his team mates on offense.

Gunnell currently resides in Farmington, Utah with his wife and children, serving on several educational and arts boards such as Hale Center Theater and Utah State University Cain College.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Gunnell has become one of the UK’s best-known sporting individuals. Along with Coe and Ovett, he helped to launch an unprecedented period of success for British athletics – becoming an immensely respected TV and radio presenter and commentator today.

He is well known for delivering inspirational yet practical key messages for personal and business improvement, coupled with engaging Olympic stories that keep audiences laughing! He is often chosen as the keynote speaker at corporate speaking events, receiving outstanding responses from his audiences.

Mr. Gunnell takes great pride in his family, particularly his three children – Ashley Green, Amber Munn and Jordan Gunnell. Additionally he has three grandchildren. As an avid skier he sponsors the Saints Alpine Skiing MVP awards along with his family.

Personal Life

He leaves behind his wife, Peggy Empey; two daughters Ashley (Judge) Green and Amber (Aaron) Munn; five grandchildren; his sister Debbie Gunnell of Downing, Missouri and various nieces, nephews, cousins, and friends.

Dr. Eric Nelson earned both a Bachelor’s of Arts from Utah State University and Master’s of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from Valdosta State University in southern Georgia. Fluent in Spanish, Dr. Nelson specializes in treating adolescents and families dealing with stressors related to anger management, defiance, aggression, ADHD and depression.

Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital and Battle Mountain General Hospital. He is board-certified in Orthopedic Surgery and practices at Pinion Orthopedics in Elko, NV where he accepts multiple insurance plans. In addition, he belongs to the American Osteopathic Board of Orthopedic Surgery.

Net Worth

Gunnell is renowned as an active philanthropist who has provided significant contributions to numerous organizations and charities. Additionally, he’s an avid sports fan who particularly enjoys supporting family members competing in running and triathlon races.

He also had various small roles in movies, such as playing Bernie Madoff’s cellmate in Madoff 2. Gunnell is survived by his wife Betty Willis Gunnell and two children.

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