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Megayacht News Radio Interview – Steve Gresham

Gresham has been an honored guest on Megayacht News Radio for years now, sharing with us what inspires him as a yacht designer.

He is an expert at understanding the trends affecting our industry and its clients, regularly giving interviews to industry media. Furthermore, for four years he wrote the Managed Accounts column in Registered Rep magazine.

Early Life and Education

Gresham always felt like an outsider in society; his family often relocated, making it hard for him to find his place – even after moving to England when he was 17! But he found solace on the water.

Gresham captured this sense of magic and wonder in his writing, featuring supernatural elements that recall the gothic tradition of the South. East Alabama in particular served as an inspiration; he used its landscape as the setting for his debut novel Moon Lake.

Gresham also explores the destructive inner workings of families, as shown in his novel Haunted Ground. This theme runs throughout his work and is balanced out by what Gresham refers to as soul families – groups of people linked with someone going through an emotionally trying time or transitional period.

Professional Career

Gresham has an in-depth knowledge of the critical trends affecting wealth management industry. As an industry expert in producing engaging content and offering executive consulting services to assist advisors and firms meet the demands of this historic Baby Boomer retirement wave, he has become an innovator and leading force.

His accomplishments as a founding member and past president of Mutual Fund Marketing Association have garnered him numerous laudatory letters and awards.

Steve Gresham is the founder of Mayfair-based Gresham Yacht Design and boasts years of experience designing superyachts. Recently he led BOAT on a tour through London to showcase some of his design icons that inspire him such as Bentley, Harvie & Hudson tailors and Hignell art gallery – each providing inspiration. Quality, craftsmanship and heritage were highlighted as keys to successful superyacht design by Gresham.

Achievement and Honors

Gresham has contributed to many books on wealth management, including John Wiley & Sons’ 2011 “The New Advisor for Life”. Additionally, he contributed articles for Family Wealth Report.

He also writes suspense, speculative, and horror fiction for both adults and young adults. His passion for gothic tradition has greatly impacted his work in east Alabama where he has resided since 1975 – providing inspiration for Moon Lake where two honeymooning couples encounter evil hidden within its water hyacinth blooming along its shore.

Kim Kamin, Chief Wealth Strategist of Gresham Partners LLC presented a webinar along with Wendy Goffe of Stoel Rives LLP entitled “Estate Planning for Modern Families” for the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel on June 9th via national webinar.

Personal Life

Gresham was an avid reader and music enthusiast, being an avid collector of classic rock albums as well as being a member of Mensa. Unfortunately, he lost his battle against pancreatic cancer on April 29, 2017 after fighting it for nearly one year.

Gresham earned numerous accolades throughout his lifetime for his design work, such as winning a Telly award for innovation in financial services marketing and being named Mutual Fund Marketer of the Year by Institutional Investor/Fund Action.

Gresham was drawn to Alabama’s gothic heritage for inspiration for many of his suspense thrillers, particularly those written for young adults. He utilized its supernatural elements when writing novels that focused on Alabama. Gresham used two pen names as separate identities for each work of fiction he wrote – including Primal Instinct (1994) and Haunted Ground (2009) which paid homage to horror film director Val Lewton.

Net Worth

He has written numerous articles on wealth management topics and been interviewed on CNN fn, USA Network and Bloomberg radio and TV as well as Business Week, Investment News and The New York Times radio and television programs.

His monthly column in Registered Rep Magazine entitled “Managed Accounts” and speaking engagements at industry conferences worldwide are testaments of his expertise. Additionally, he serves as senior educational advisor to Alliance for Lifetime Income and CEO of The Execution Project; which offers engaging content and executive consulting that equips firms and their advisors for meeting the demands of a retiring age wave.

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