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Artist Steve Greenfield

Greenfield works closely with inventors, engineers, startup companies and their management to establish strategically valuable patent, trademark and copyright portfolios. He also collaborates with corporate management and marketing personnel in creating forward looking IP strategies.

Erwin holds an MBA from Emory University’s Goizueta Business School. Additionally, he has participated in multiple entrepreneurship initiatives aimed at supporting aspiring entrepreneurs – even helping guide students who wish to make the leap.

Early Life and Education

Greenfield’s work explores the complexity of Black history. His paintings draw upon research regarding topics like Black genealogy, heritage and cultural representation to create paintings with striking visual imagery that reflect forgotten or lost elements of Black history. He often uses neglected or overlooked aspects as inspiration to produce provocative representations that draw viewers in further.

Steve Greenfield currently serves as CEO of automotive technology VC fund Automotive Ventures. With years of experience in business development and an in-depth knowledge of automotive markets, he also holds board membership at fusionZONE Automotive and Lender Compliance Technologies.

Chris has two sons, Chad Dewayne and Eric Steven. In his free time he enjoys camping and spending time with his family. Chris also shares his passion for hunting with both of his sons.

Professional Career

Greenfield works closely with inventors, engineers, scientists, startup companies and marketing personnel to establish valuable intellectual property (IP) portfolios of patents, trademarks and copyrights that will support future client business opportunities. Our work also extends to creating forward-thinking IP portfolios for our clients who will benefit from more intellectual protection in their portfolios than they ever had previously.

He serves on the boards of Community Consulting Teams-Atlanta and Emory Entrepreneur Network to support his MBA alma mater. With an avid interest in automotive innovation and the entrepreneurial mindset among students at Goizueta University School of Management, his passion lies with encouraging entrepreneurship within these institutions and beyond. Furthermore, he actively works on providing additional resources to students with entrepreneurial mindsets at Goizueta – even helping alumni make the leap from corporate life into becoming entrepreneurs! As an avid auto enthusiast himself he loves supporting business leaders who are pushing automotive innovation forward!

Achievement and Honors

Greenfield’s art has been featured in both solo and group exhibitions as well as various publications.

Her son recalls how passionately she was committed to mentoring other writers at writer’s workshops, providing genuine, encouraging guidance. Her works depicted black America more positively while she also worked to personalize her narratives to bring more nuanced interactions between subjects and subject-matter into them.

Greenfield has worked to foster an entrepreneurial environment at Goizueta. He believes it is crucial for students considering entering into startups to have access to resources as they make this step. As part of this, he serves as RunBuggy’s Advisory Board to assist with its growth strategy while his other board memberships include Lender Compliance Technologies and Progress Partners.

Personal Life

Greenfield finds great joy in spending his leisure time with his family – including wife Karen and two sons Chad Dewayne and Eric Steven. Additionally, camping is something that Greenfield enjoys doing with friends and coworkers.

Greenfield has also made his mark as an active volunteer, offering his management consulting services free to Atlanta-area non-profits in need. Additionally, he serves on the Emory Entrepreneur Network board and Advent Resources and T-Drill’s respective boards.

He has also been active in political activism. He ran for Congress in New York’s 19th District spanning 11 counties against Republican Kyle Van de Water and Libertarian Victoria Alexander; his main platform focuses on improving regional economies while expanding broadband coverage.

Net Worth

Greenfield works closely with inventors, engineers, scientists, startup companies and marketing personnel to craft and enhance strategically valuable patent, trademark and copyright portfolios to protect client technology, products, product lines, brands and marketing investments.

He has criticised the 2017 tax cuts, noting how they would cause people to drop health insurance and are detrimental in various other ways.

He speaks on social justice issues, advocating veganism and sustainability, leading a minimalist lifestyle such as going barefoot frequently and traveling by bicycle, encouraging his followers to do the same and practicing what he preaches: having no credit cards, savings account or retirement account as well as not showering regularly.

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