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Artist Profile – Steve Graber

Christa Verderamo joined Graber & Associates in 2022 as Tax & Accounting Team Coordinator. Her areas of expertise include financial statement preparation, individual and business taxation as well as outsourced accounting in QuickBooks online and desktop environments.

Mark Graber provides sophisticated trust and estate planning to his clients. He assists them with planning inter vivos and testamentary distributions of assets using effective tax saving techniques and strategies.

Early Life and Education

Graber was raised in Canton, Ohio where he competed as both a wrestler and baseball player as a child before transitioning into sports as a fan. Today he works at Givaudan S.A – one of the global leaders in flavors and fragrances – leading its Latin American region since 2012.

Graber was employed at a downtown Toledo veterinary clinic and has a strong background of pro bono work with various charities and social organizations.

In 2014, Steve relocated to Manhattan and joined Darrel Johnson to form Graber & Johnson Law Group LLC. They specialize in estate, business and agricultural planning services for clients of all kinds; Steve prioritizes providing competent care to each of his clients with an understanding that his work today will have lasting ramifications on generations yet unborn.

Professional Career

Steve Graber specializes in painting dreamy cloudscape, figure and still life subjects with subtle hues of color that invite interpretation.

He possesses an astute business sense and has established several successful enterprises, including a talent agency which he and his sons still run today. Additionally, he enjoys team roping and is active with Cowboys for Kids (a rodeo-related charity).

Naomi Gordon, CPA has over 14 years of accounting experience serving individuals and small businesses alike. Her expertise spans financial statement preparation, individual and corporate tax returns preparation, payroll services and sales taxes. Based out of Baltimore City she now belongs to Graber and Associates’ client accounting team.

Achievement and Honors

Graber has written several books, such as The Disinformation Age and When the Press Fails. Additionally, he regularly contributes articles to professional journals and serves on several boards and committees in Margolin Hebrew Academy and Baron Hirsch Congregation; offering pro bono assistance to various community organizations.

Graber was awarded State Baseball Coach of the Year after leading his team to an unprecedented record-setting season and earning their school their inaugural state title. Each year coaches across all high school sports are recognized at both State and Sectional levels by the National Federation of State High Schools; then sectional winners may be considered for National recognition by NFHS.

Personal Life

Mark Graber spends his free time watching the Baltimore Ravens, spending time with family, volunteering for his high school alumni association committee, and studying accounting and financial planning at Johns Hopkins University, from which he graduated with a Master’s degree in 2018.

His clients frequently utilize complex wills and trusts such as irrevocable trusts and qualified personal residence trusts for estate minimization using valuation discounts. Furthermore, he is experienced at representing beneficiaries in probate court matters and executing trusts upon the death of individuals.

He also is an experienced mortgage lender who has assisted thousands of home buyers, investors, and those hoping to purchase homes to meet their mortgage goals.

Net Worth

Graber is an accomplished painter of dreamlike cloudscape, figure and still life pieces, using various techniques. His works allow viewers to interpret them according to their own interpretation, as he provides pro bono assistance to several non-profit social and educational organizations. As of 6 October 2014, Graber owned at least 17,329 units of Mosaic stock worth over $901 Thousand; over the last 19 years he made 11 trades of Mosaic shares worth $901 Thousand. Originally from North Royalton Ohio with wife, three daughters, five grandchildren as well as being an avid traveler and sports fan he currently resides in North Royalton Ohio with wife wife 3 daughters 3 daughters 3 daughters 3 daughters 3 daughters 3 daughters 3 grandkids

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