Steve Gillan

Reverend Steve Gillan

Steve Gillan has turned his life around after spending many years as a career criminal. Now employed as a security consultant and involved with several charitable projects, Steve now dedicates his life to helping others avoid his fate.

Gillen holds a master of international affairs from Georgetown University and was awarded a J. William Fulbright Scholarship to Macedonia. Additionally, he held several positions within the State Department’s Office of Iraq and Levant Affairs.

Early Life and Education

Stephen Gillan hails from Los Angeles, California. With more than two decades of pastoral experience ranging from multiple pastorates at Willow Creek Community Church to leading large and small congregations alike – from startups to well-established multisite congregations – Stephen has led large congregations as well as those which are just getting started up.

He is the author of The Monkey Puzzle Tree, a book which chronicles his past gangland adventures and how his life was turned around through spiritual revelation. Hollywood filmmakers are adapting it into a film.

As an attorney, he specialized in publishing and entertainment transactions and disputes as well as Internet issues. He published numerous articles and lectured nationally on publishing law and copyright matters; advised authors, artists, photographers, videographers and software developers from Maine to California and even internationally.

Professional Career

Steve Gillan works closely with individuals and families to implement wealth management strategies tailored to their unique goals and risk/reward tolerances. Additionally, he provides estate planning services through collaboration with clients’ CPAs and attorneys, life insurance analysis and fixed income investing.

He is skilled in conducting feasibility studies, state-of-the-art facility operational planning initiatives, municipal facility maintenance planning initiatives and cost analyses as well as construction contract preparation for both new and renovated/modernized facilities. In total he has overseen projects valued at more than $2 billion as Principal-in-Charge.

Steve is a partner at Blumberg Capital and brings extensive operational and board experience from his years as a venture capitalist, including leading high-growth startups through acquisitions, IPO preparation and senior-level finance and accounting roles with publicly listed companies. Currently he sits on the boards of both e-commerce startup Mercantila and marketing technology firm Fathom Online.

Achievement and Honors

Gillen graduated from Arizona State with degrees in political science, history and Russian. After being chosen for membership into the U.S. Foreign Service each year – comprising less than three percent of applicants each time – he went on to hold many Washington and overseas assignments including U.S. embassies in Minsk, Baghdad and Sarajevo before receiving State Department’s Warren Christopher Award in 2012 for his contributions towards refugee returns, interethnic reconciliation efforts, human rights and peace initiatives during Bosnia’s conflict.

Gillan is an active member of Clan Colin, MacColin of Glenderry, actively engaging with Gaelic culture while attending Renaissance Faires and contributing time, resources and expertise towards their development.

Personal Life

Gillan possesses an admirable work ethic and leadership abilities that set him apart. Combining hands-on experience with academic preparation, as demonstrated by his apprenticeship program and Journeyman Sheetmetal Fabrication certification. Furthermore, he boasts extensive operating and finance expertise as he served as Chief Operating Officer (COO) of a private equity firm as well as senior positions with publicly traded companies.

He loves hiking and reading in his free time, is active at church and has held various leadership roles within that congregation. Along with Kami, they have two children together.

Gillan has managed to turn his life around since his release from prison. He now advocates against gang violence and supports at-risk youth; in fact, he wrote a book detailing his experiences which is set to become a film.

Net Worth

Gillan makes a respectable living from acting, having earned numerous awards and nominations during her illustrious career. A talented actress with an enormous fan following.

His story is truly inspiring; it shows how someone can radically alter their path after engaging in illegal activities. Since then, he has dedicated his efforts to combating gang violence and supporting at-risk youth, in addition to publishing a book detailing his journey that is greatly revered among readers.

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