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An Interview With Steve Foltz, Director of Horticulture at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden

Steve Foltz serves as Director of Horticulture for Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden. In addition, he writes articles for gardening magazines and hosts talks for various horticulture groups.

Foltz was a sophomore student at Bowling Green State University and a member of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity. While at an alleged hazing activity he consumed excessive alcohol.

Early Life and Education

Steve Foltz was an individual of many talents. He excelled at piano, guitar and mandolin playing and singing three part harmony singing – his study being overseen by teachers such as Chris Thile of Punch Brothers and Ronnie McCoury from Del McCoury Band; additionally he mentored other musicians.

Babcock writes that Foltz was a firm believer in God and His ability to change the world, according to his wife Cathy Foltz who claims her husband enjoyed puttering around their home and multifaceted Rockdale Urban Learning Garden.

He was a member of New Jerusalem Lutheran Church and actively involved with Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, while also volunteering with Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. Additionally, he enjoyed listening to music, reading books, traveling (he and Cathy visited 32 states and 12 countries together), hiking and camping.

Professional Career

Steve began his professional career in Colorado Springs working as an associate broker-dealer and life insurance company before transitioning into investor coaching services with Mathies Financial Partners.

He has received three national President’s awards for outstanding production combined with exceptional client service ratings. His specialty lies in helping families attain financial freedom.

He offers long-term lessons for guitar, mandolin and song writing in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. His focus lies on creating long term lesson plans to ensure weekly progress is made towards chord changing, finger strengthening exercises, fast flat picking techniques and lead guitar singing accompaniment accompaniment. In Denver-based band Trout Steak Revival; studying mandolin under such teachers as Chris Thile of Punch Brothers and Ronnie McCoury from Del McCoury band.

Achievement and Honors

As COVID-19 transformed how we interact, Steve Foltz saw it as his duty to create the multifaceted Rockdale Urban Learning Garden and thank dozens of people he did so much for. Never missing an opportunity for positive action or change, he is always taking positive steps.

He utilizes photogrammetry technology and geospatial sciences to produce scientific visualizations based on physics of structures, landscapes and incidents or accidents using photogrammetry technology and geospatial sciences. He has prepared hundreds of 3d models and diagrams which have been accepted as court evidence in various states.

Personal Life

Steve Foltz is an enthusiastic gardener who delights in sharing his knowledge with both his community and beyond. One of Steve’s favorite sayings from his pastor is, ‘Good people do for themselves; great people do for others.”

Attentive to both lecturing and workshop participation on gardening-related subjects, he’s actively involved with many Cincinnati area horticultural organizations, writes garden articles for local newspapers and contributes to local television shows as a guest expert. Furthermore, he plays both mandolin and guitar for Trout Steak Revival band (which tours more than 80 concerts yearly), giving lectures and workshops.

He offers private group and individual guitar, mandolin, music composition lessons in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. His patient and kind nature allows students to achieve their goals week by week with ease.

Net Worth

Individual or household net worth is calculated by subtracting assets from liabilities. Assets include financial assets like transaction accounts (checking and savings accounts), certificates of deposit, bonds, stocks, money market funds, real estate, and the cash value of life insurance policies; nonfinancial assets like household furnishings, automobiles and jewelry; as well as retirement savings plans like Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) and Keogh accounts. Figure 1 presents wealth accumulation at various percentiles (25th, median, 75th and 90th percentiles) over four PSID waves with wealth data between 1984 and 2007. Since 2000, families in the top 10% have seen their net worths more than double, while those in the bottom 20 experienced sharp decreases that continue into 2013. (For more details see Pfeffer, Danziger & Schoeni 2013 for further discussion).

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