Steve Figueroa

Steve Figueroa, a Neurocritical Care Specialist at UT Southwestern

Steve Figueroa has 28 years of experience as the High School Sports Editor at Atlanta Constitution.

Dr. Figueroa works as a neurocritical care specialist at UT Southwestern’s Neuro Intensive Care Unit and treats patients suffering from conditions like traumatic brain injury and autoimmune encephalitis. Sometimes their outlook for recovery can seem dim; but success stories give him the strength to push on with his efforts.

Early Life and Education

At his April 8, 2013 Individual Education Plan meeting, Student was twelve years old and on the cusp of starting seventh grade. Mother participated via telephone while Steve Figueroa, Student’s educational advocate, attended in person. In attendance were Robert Perez from Butterfield; Ms. Eugene; Ms. Grewal as his attorney; Ms. Whiteleather who assisted Student’s attorney with legal work; Ms. Farrar who served as his probation officer, all coordinated by Dr. Wesson from County. The County team was led by Dr Wesson who oversaw proceedings from start to finish.

Figueroa specializes in neurocritical care and treats acute brain injuries such as status epilepticus, ischemic stroke and intracerebral hemorrhage as well as rare conditions like autoimmune encephalitis in which antibodies from within attack the brain directly. He finds great inspiration in these remarkable stories of recovery among his patients despite initial dire prognostications.

Professional Career

As a neurocritical care specialist at UT Southwestern, Figueroa works with patients suffering from conditions like status epilepticus, ischemic stroke, intracerebral hemorrhage and rarer conditions like autoimmune encephalitis. Additionally, he takes part in numerous clinical trials designed to optimize treatment of these injuries.

He was arrested several times and eventually found guilty of second-degree assault, third-degree breach of peace and risk of injury to a minor – all serious felony offenses. After serving five of a six year sentence he was released from jail in 2022.

At its meeting on Wednesday night, Troy City Council unanimously and bipartisanly decided to appoint Figueroa as their new District 2 representative until an election this fall determines who will fulfill out their term.

Achievement and Honors

Figueroa’s experience at NSTXL spans an array of contract activities. His primary responsibility involves creating accurate prototype solicitations documents for various government clients; additionally he boasts extensive OTA experience supporting multiple prototype programs including Army Synthetic Training Environment.

He has received various academic awards, such as the TEVA Neuroscience Award and UT Southwestern Department of Neurology Resident Teaching Award. Furthermore, he has published many articles and abstracts related to neurocritical care topics.

Troy City Council unanimously chose Figueroa as its candidate this week following a public forum featuring seven candidates for this vacant seat, before voters in his district decide who they want in a special election in September. He will serve for the rest of 2017 before facing election again next fall.

Personal Life

Figueroa has served as high school sports editor for publications including Gwinnett Daily Post, Marietta Daily Journal and Gwinnett County Constitution. He also holds positions with Georgia Press Association as former executive director and past director.

Figueroa joins other doctors at UT Southwestern to treat patients suffering from traumatic brain injury, intracerebral hemorrhage and rare conditions like autoimmune encephalitis in the neurocritical care unit. He provides training sessions for medical students and critical care nurses.

Figueroa understands the stigma attached to men discussing mental health struggles or even acknowledging they might not feel 100%. Yet that was part of what motivated him to seek assistance for himself.

Net Worth

His estimated net worth is an estimated $2 Million USD and his annual salary as a soccer player amounted to approximately $200,000.

Figueroa was an integral member of Honduras’ national team since his debut in 2003, amassing more than 160 caps across three age levels: U-20 and U-23.

Figueroa joined Wigan Athletic for good after making an impression during a loan spell there in 2009. He quickly established himself as one of their star forwards; one of his goals against Stoke City even won Goal of the Season honors!

Figueroa and Ime Garza Tunon have been living a blissful relationship since 2017; together, they share one son named Jose Julian.

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