Steve Fell

The Life of Steve Fell

Steve Fell was an esteemed soccer coach and physical therapist known for helping athletes recover from sports-related injuries. Additionally, he was an accomplished musician playing in numerous Boston-area bands.

Steve and Annie shared an excitement for travel that they passed onto their children; now all had gone, leaving him feeling isolated as soon as he entered his house.

Early Life and Education

Steve Fell was raised in small Ohio towns where his family and local community fostered education, volunteerism, and service. As an outstanding student he excelled academically, ran track & field, and enjoyed classical music – qualities which would become important factors later in his career.

He became an esteemed business owner, teacher and public servant – serving on numerous national policymaking bodies such as Head Start’s Commission to Create.

Steve was also an outstanding mentor, sharing his time and advice with many students and colleagues. He took great pride in seeing both of his daughters pursue higher education; attending concerts, sporting events, and activities of his grandchildren whenever he could. A prolific reader himself, Steve loved watching movies too!

Professional Career

Stevie began honing his musical style during his teenage years by performing quarters at Washington Square in Chicago. He quickly amassed an extensive repertoire of standard folk songs as well as dabbling in original compositions.

Fell was an outstanding soccer player at Stephen Decatur High School before going on to Towson University and then the Baltimore Blast of Major Indoor Soccer League after graduation.

Lessons learned both as a player and physical therapist have helped him create an interdisciplinary training philosophy, which has allowed him to assist players on the national team qualify for the World Cup. Every detail matters when it comes to sports success – getting adequate rest, training efficiently and injury prevention all play their parts in a player’s success.

Achievement and Honors

Fell was honored as three-time GCAA National Coach of the Year – in 2001, 2008 and 2016 respectively – and one-time Dave Williams National Coach of the Year for NCAA Division II golf.

He excelled as a star player at Decatur High School in Maryland before moving on to Towson University as captain of his team and amassing accolades as captain of theirs. Thanks to his hard work ethic and commitment, he now serves as assistant performance coach with the United States Men’s National Team at World Cup tournament in Qatar.

Stuart Manley has achieved great success playing professional golf as one of his former students on the European Tour; David Lingmerth competed on both PGA Nationwide Tour and 2016 Olympic Golf events; while Matthew Galloway has even joined PGA TOUR competition.

Personal Life

Fell was not only passionate about coaching but was equally committed to education students as well. His students loved him dearly and his influence left a significant mark on their lives.

He was also extremely gifted on guitar, performing in numerous Boston area music groups from rock and blues bands to funky organ combos and West African and Carribean ensembles. An accomplished musician.

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Net Worth

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