Steve Falconer

Who is Steve Falconer?

Steve Falconer is a practicing attorney who practices at Falconer Hein Law Office. He specializes in civil and criminal law cases at trial as well as appellate levels.

He is one of the founding members of University spin-out company Incanthera plc and directs ICT’s PS2m Doctoral Training Centre. Additionally, his expertise includes medicinal chemistry for cancer therapeutics.

Early Life and Education

As a child, Falconer had dreams of becoming both an artist and naturalist. At Otis Art Institute – a high-school of visual arts in Los Angeles – he discovered his talent for drawing and painting.

Falconer serves as Director of Wildlife Education in Statesboro, Georgia and oversees its collection of raptors, reptiles and other animals while also educating the public on various conservation issues.

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Professional Career

Falconer has over four decades of professional animal training experience and has created educational animal programs at over 70 zoological facilities worldwide. Additionally, he is a trustee with the World Parrot Trust and core member of the California Condor Recovery Team.

Master Falconer with State and Federal licenses to train and fly birds of prey. His flock consists of twelve Harris’s Hawks as well as other species such as owls. In addition, he offers falconry classes as well as demonstration flights at Renaissance fairs, Scout camps and other events.

As well as his falconry business, he also makes wildlife art which has been displayed at over 100 galleries and museums nationwide.

Achievement and Honors

Falconer has edited poetry for Zone 3, co-edited Mentor and Muse: Essays from Poets to Poets with Beth Martinelli and Helena Mesa (alongside Beth Martinelli and Helena Mesa). He has received the Maureen Egen Literary Award from Poets & Writers, New Delta Review Eyster Prize Award, Barthelme Fellowship. In addition, Falconer founded and edited Tennessee Review literary journal.

He is an experienced principal investigator, having secured research grants from numerous medical charities and companies. Currently his focus lies on tumour glycocalyx as a therapeutic target and related glycosyltransferases.

Mr. John has represented numerous First Nation and African Canadian organization interests at Commission of Inquiries such as Ipperwash and Goudge Inquiries, representing them before them with over 2800 hours in flight time as a pilot.

Personal Life

Falconer’s thick Scottish brogue and penchant for hooky, melodic rock led many critics to compare The View with bands such as Libertines and Oasis; indeed, their 2007 chart-topping debut, Hats Off to the Buskers became an immediate success.

Falconer is an enthusiastic proponent for wildlife and children’s rights, serving as patron to Breast Cancer 2000 and ambassador for The Children’s Trust which assists children suffering brain injury or neurodisability.

Falconer is married with four children – including son Perry and daughter Augie – whom she shares a home with in Cambridgeshire. Falconer regularly reported travel stories for ITV’s daytime show This Morning as well as hosting Sunday morning slots on Heart until 2019. Now Falconer hosts Smooth Radio’s Early Breakfast show across the UK.

Net Worth

Deborah Falconer is an immensely talented actress who quickly rose through the entertainment industry. She has appeared in multiple TV shows and movies as well as released her first music album without stirring up controversy or scandal; her net worth is estimated to be around $600k with no known annual salary figures available to us.

Ian Falconer was an American author and illustrator of children’s books who began his career in the 1980s as an illustrator/designer for The New Yorker magazine. Over his 30-year tenure there, he created 30 covers while also contributing illustrations to other books he illustrated himself. Falconer died at 63 on March 7, 2023 with an estimated net worth estimated to be $7 Million; serving on Jaguar Mining Inc and Resolute Forest Products boards as an advisor or director respectively.

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