Steve Ercan

Steve Ercan – Multi-Millionaire Bodybuilder and Fitness Star

Professional bodybuilder known for his Instagram account of workout routines, diet and transformation photos. He has earned sponsorships from multiple fitness brands such as Gymshark and Olimp Sport Nutrition.

Ercan made short work of the final table, using an aggressive preflop shove with his king-seven against Christophe Panetti’s pocket queens to win both the title and $377,115 prize pool.

Early Life and Education

Steve is a first-generation Vietnamese American who began posting honest, gritty, humorous ER skits online through TikTok and YouTube to build up an enormous following. His aim is to bring truth, transparency, and laughter into an otherwise daunting profession.

Sam participated in a bank robbery that led him into prison, where he then participated in an escape plot with medic Mary and another prisoner named Rafe. They used a syringe filled with paralyzing drugs to incapacitate Dr. Luka Kovac; however, Sam intervened and saved him.

She has dedicated herself to supporting healthy development and learning excellence among young diverse children, particularly Black children. This work includes classroom and family tools, the examination of nontraditional pedagogical approaches, as well as public policies.

Professional Career

As soon as he graduated from Oregon University in 1970, Ercan took to track and cross country competition, winning three NCAA cross country titles (in 1970, 1971 and 1973) and four Pac-8 conference three mile titles (1970-1973). Furthermore, Ercan owned every American record from two miles to six miles as well as eight collegiate records overall.

Ercan was victorious in this match due to her preflop pocket nines against Duthweiler’s pocket eights; with no help coming from the board for Duthweiler and Ercan winning an enormous payday of $377,115. Additionally in 2022 she made her first-ever appearance at the French Open Juniors where she reached Round One before leaving that event altogether.

Personal Life

Ercan is an accomplished bodybuilder and fitness star known for sharing his workout routines on Instagram to his over 1.2 million followers, uploading YouTube videos documenting his transformations, workouts and transformations and garnering sponsorship from Gymshark and Olimp Sport Nutrition brands.

Geordie Shore star Vicky Pattison announced her engagement to Ercan Ramadan this week on social media and celebrated their news together by posting an adorable romantic Instagram post together. Following several rocky relationships and two prior engagements to other cast members, it appears she may finally have found “The One.”

Net Worth

Steve is a multi-millionaire who makes a healthy income from his social media activities, including posting engaging and educational videos to Instagram and YouTube.

Emrys Partners was another venture he tried his luck at starting, yet unfortunately failed. Instead he found work as a managing director at Neuberger Berman where he has since worked. Here he manages high-profile cases and portfolios.

He has also recently become part of NELK Entertainment and his primary source of income is YouTube, where he uploads videos related to ingestion of large quantities of food, alcohol and cannabis. Additionally, he has done popular brand endorsements which bring in significant cash.

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