Steve Emmons

Modern Family’s Steve Emmons

Steve Emmons has earned his place as an acclaimed entrepreneur across various fields of endeavour – real estate, construction and business development among them.

He currently works at Alibre and has been there for 26 years.

He has composed both band and choral music pieces. These compositions feature driving rhythms, minimalist ostinatos, bright tertian harmonies and modal scales in their design.

Early Life and Education

Steve Emmons spent nearly thirty years as manager at Sacramento and Delevan National Wildlife Refuges in California before retiring in 2020. A photographer by trade, Steve made sure he got out regularly to photograph migrating birds as they passed along the Pacific Flyway.

As an accomplished composer of band, choral, and chamber pieces as well as driving rhythms, minimalist ostinatos, bright tertian harmonies influenced by modal scales, imitative counterpoint and more, his works often incorporate driving rhythms with driving ostinatos and bright tertian harmony to produce driving thumping rhythms with driving ostinatos for driving rhythms to play within. He was greatly influenced by imitative counterpoint composition.

Steve Emmons brings extensive development and construction knowledge to Spectra’s team. His experience across various industries allows him to offer creative solutions and tailor project development specifically in student housing development.

Professional Career

Steve Emmons brings extensive development and construction experience, having held senior roles with companies such as Spectra and Innovative Services. His varied industry knowledge gives him unique insight into developing creative solutions for customized project development.

He fights tirelessly on his clients’ behalf for just and equitable outcomes, using his knowledge of law to assist in guiding them through difficult situations.

Dr. Steven Emmons specializes in Hematology and Oncology and has multiple affiliations in the region, such as Delta County Memorial Hospital, Montrose Regional Health, Saint Marys Medical Center. A graduate from University Of Arizona College Of Medicine with over two decades of practice under his belt and board certified in Hematology.

Achievement and Honors

Gorham Savings Bank under Emmons’ leadership has doubled in assets and expanded to 13 locations, including its newly renovated India Street location in Portland. She has led Gorham through major changes within the financial services industry by expanding their business loan portfolio and developing cutting-edge banking technology solutions.

Emmons is an accomplished musician and composer, having written pieces for band, choral, and chamber ensembles. He incorporates driving rhythms, minimalist ostinatos, bright tertian harmonies, modal scales and imitative counterpoint into his compositions.

His works are published by Cimarron Music Press and Potenza Music, and in 2010 was honored to receive the U.S. Army Specialist Richard C. Emmons Memorial Award, given out annually for those who serve with distinction and dedication in military service.

Personal Life

Steve Emmons lives with his wife Cindy in Tyler. Together they raise Beefmaster cattle on their ranch while also working freelance animation and visual effects projects. Steve has composed music for band, choir and chamber ensembles and his works have been published by Cimarron Music Press and National Music Publishers.

From his first marriage, he is blessed with three children; son TG Emmons, two daughters Tiffany Holliday and Britt Leslie Holliday Brabham from which three grandchildren Gigi, Logan, and Ryan can be found – as well as two devoted dogs!

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Net Worth

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Steven Emmons was born June 1959 and now resides at 37 Pedersen Rd, East Hartland CT 06027 in Hartford county.

He serves as CEO of Orchid Underwriters Insurance Agency, a specialty underwriter of homeowners insurance on coastal properties. Since Gryphon Investors took majority ownership in 2014, he has seen substantial expansion. Additionally, he founded and served as president of Coastal Agents Alliance, an extensive wholesale brokerage firm operating out of New England.

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