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Clifford Drakeford for Finance Secretary in the New Labour Government

Clifford Drakeford excelled as an all-purpose defensive back at Georgia State. Starting 11 games as cornerback during his freshman campaign, he played an instrumental role in helping drive success of their success and was an invaluable contributor.

Nicola Sturgeon and Mark Drakeford have frequently made statements that offend Westminster; yet they continue to do it knowing they will receive support from London in times of trouble. Will Westminster stand up this time around?

Early Life and Education

He currently resides in Camden, South Carolina with his wife Cindi. With a keen focus on social justice and an active interest in numerous local charities such as the Kershaw County Bar Association, Kiwanis Club of Camden and Habitat for Humanity of Kershaw County; he serves on their boards respectively.

Drakeford assumed leadership of Welsh Labour and became First Minister after Carwyn Jones’ resignation in April 2018. Prior to that he had been elected as a Member of the Senedd for Cardiff West in 2011.

Professional Career

Drakeford stands a strong chance of becoming finance secretary of a new Labour government, having established himself in Welsh economic affairs with impressive records and plans that include expanding renewable energy, prohibiting fracking and combatting child poverty.

Tyronne Drakeford will always remember this Super Bowl moment as being unforgettable, for he was just in his rookie season on the San Francisco 49ers and playing his inaugural Super Bowl as part of their roster.

He managed to halt the advancement of Green Bay Packers, who later went on to win the National Football Conference title. Additionally, he earned much good-natured ridicule from friends and teammates; survivors include his wife Clare, three adult children, and several grandchildren.

Achievement and Honors

Drakeford has represented Cardiff West since 1999 as a member of the Welsh Labour Party and since 2018 he has served as First Minister. Drakeford is widely known for being both knowledgeable and thoughtful when it comes to political matters facing Wales. He successfully replaces Carwyn Jones. Drakeford is widely seen as an experienced, thoughtful politician with strong understanding of current issues affecting Wales.

He has spearheaded numerous initiatives designed to strengthen the economic outlook for Wales. Additionally, he has been an outspoken supporter of greater autonomy and powers for the Welsh Government.

Drakeford distinguished himself during his time as Bergen County Surrogate by improving efficiency, increasing access to public documents, streamlining court filing procedures and taking on domestic violence advocacy work.

Personal Life

Drakeford and Clare have three children together and Clare has always been supportive of her husband’s political career and was there as his constant companion throughout his time in Cabinet.

After Carwyn Jones announced her decision to resign as party leader and first minister, Drakeford stated he would give any bid serious consideration before ultimately entering it – and was backed by most Labour AMs when making his announcement.

He focuses his work on economic, healthcare and education issues in Wales as well as advocating for increased autonomy and powers for the Welsh government. With an established track record as a thoughtful and experienced politician who possesses an in-depth knowledge of all that challenges await Wales and Britain alike, his insights make an excellent source for decision makers across both parties.

Net Worth

Drakeford remains humble despite his political success, placing family, community, and country above all other considerations. His belief in greater equality and fairness in society remains strong.

He has also been an outspoken proponent for improved economic conditions, healthcare and education in Wales. Additionally, he supports greater autonomy and powers for the Welsh government.

Drakeford is married to Clare Drakeford, an artist and loving wife and mother who remains relatively private during her husband’s political career. Together they have three children together. Originally they resided in Pontcanna neighborhood of Cardiff – their house served as an isolation unit during coronavirus pandemic – although at present their home serves as their isolation unit as well. Clare has one dog.

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