Steve Doumar

Steve Doumar Net Worth – Serial Entrepreneur and Tele-Services Trailblazer

Steve Doumar is an acclaimed entrepreneur with impressive accomplishments across several endeavors. Beginning his entrepreneurial journey with bridal magazines and then expanding into telecom, Steve now leads Whisp, an opt-in platform allowing consumers to sign up with businesses simply with one touch.

Early Life and Education

Steve Doumar is an award-winning serial entrepreneur and marketing expert known for founding Whisp Communications Company in Miami, Florida. A longtime resident, Doumar began his entrepreneurial journey by founding Premiere Bride magazine and seeing it to enormous success before selling it off in 2000 and turning his focus to other ventures such as LiveOps – one of the first platforms that enabled ordinary people to work as independent contractors for clients such as Amazon, Macy’s, and Stand Up For Cancer.

Doumar is also well known as an active philanthropist who supports numerous local charitable endeavors – especially programs which assist those dealing with addiction.

Professional Career

Doumar is an innovative marketing expert and pioneer of tele-services who founded cutting-edge communications company Whisp. Before that, he garnered notoriety as the creator of premier bridal magazine Premier Bride; then sold it off in 2000 in pursuit of new ventures.

Doumar’s next venture was R360 Network, an addiction treatment service connecting those suffering from substance abuse to treatment centers. From this experience he realized it is essential to deliver value in ways that cannot be misunderstood by clients and consumers alike.

Doumar then developed LiveOps, a platform widely credited with pioneering the gig economy. Clients of LiveOps include the US government, Amazon, Stand Up for Cancer and numerous other well-known entities; Doumar also holds 13 patents related to LiveOps development.

Achievement and Honors

Doumar has amassed an impressive list of accolades throughout his career. After leading Premiere Bride to unprecedented success, he embraced a new challenge and founded LiveOps, considered to be a pioneering company of the gig economy. LiveOps strives to offer independent workers an accessible digital ecosystem that makes their work simple – it counts clients such as Amazon, Macy’s, Stand Up for Cancer, and Humana among its client list.

Doumar’s latest technological innovation, Whisp, allows customers to tap on digital ads and communicate directly with businesses via text messages. Since its debut, it has gained significant momentum, earning 41 active patents – 13 issued. Furthermore, this South Florida communications startup firm also contributes significantly towards charitable activities.

Personal Life

Steve Doumar has long been an entrepreneur. Beginning his career by creating Premier Bride magazine in Fort Lauderdale and seeing it to great success before selling it off in 2000 to pursue new endeavors, Steve Doumar was no stranger to success as an entrepreneur.

Doumar went on to establish LiveOps, which is widely recognized for revolutionizing the gig economy and now operates with over 25,000 operators and boasts clients such as Amazon, Stand Up for Cancer and Humana among many others.

Doumar also created TapText, a company which allowed consumers to engage with digital ads via text messages and quickly connect with businesses through text. He now holds thirteen patents in this technology that has since been rebranded as Whisp – opt in simplified.

Net Worth

Steve Doumar is widely respected as a marketing expert and pioneer in tele-services, and his estimated net worth stands at over $16 Million. Based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida with his wife and children nearby.

At age 24, Doumar launched his entrepreneurial journey by founding a bridal magazine in Florida. Once his publication became an unrivaled success, Doumar moved onto other exciting endeavors.

In 2019, Doumar launched Whisp, an opt-in system to make connecting with businesses simpler for customers. His company owns 13 patents related to its innovative technology and operates out of Miami where this industry is flourishing. He also works extensively as a tax adviser advising both domestic and foreign for-profit companies, exempt organizations, and high net worth individuals in matters related to taxes.

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