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COCHISE by Steve Dashew

COCHISE is one of a series of exceptional high-latitude ocean voyaging powerboats designed and constructed by Steve Dashew for sale. She can be found for sale.

The Dashews have discovered that speed and safety go hand-in-hand. Fast passages reduce weather and navigation risks while their efficient hulls don’t succumb to the inconsistencies of racing rules.

Early Life and Education

Dashew’s technical brilliance stems from his humility. He knows that no boat is truly ocean or land-proof; that domestic niceties may mean performance-reducing weight increases; and that strength and stiffness figures are estimates to the fourth decimal place.

He developed the Imodco single-point mooring system used by giant oil tankers; Omnithruster systems for fishing vessels and military vessels; and Dashaveyor transportation system – as well as designing sailing and motor yachts together with his wife.

Dashew got involved with CMS politics during its turbulent recession-related turmoil and won a seat on its nine-person board by defeating incumbents Ellis-Stewart and McCray in an intensely competitive election campaign. She championed magnet schools while advocating for income-based busing policies.

Professional Career

Dashew Brothers continue to push the limits in ocean voyaging power yacht design with the launch of COCHISE, their first FPB 78′. Their Deerfoot line of sailboats and D-Class Beowulf catamarans have long been recognized for providing maximum comfort, convenience, and safety on long ocean voyages.

Elyse Dashew will bring her experience as a CMS parent to her role on the Board, joining returning representatives Ericka Ellis-Stewart and Mary McCray from District 6. Her campaign focused on student assignment policies along with other educational concerns in CMS schools.

Dashew has developed mechanical systems with multiple worldwide patents to his name, such as Databosser and Datawriter for his Dashew Business Machines company; single point mooring systems through Imodco; mining cars and people transportation via Dashaveyor Company; ship bow thrusters at Omnithruster Company and liquid aeration/oxygenation treatments from Biomixer Inc.

Achievement and Honors

Steve and Linda Dashew have been sailing for more than half a century – both racing initially and later cruising for decades. Over that time they have circumnavigated the world on various 20′ Shark catamarans, D-Class Beowulf catamaran, 78-foot Yogi Ketchs.

International Fiberglass was responsible for producing hundreds of oversized fiberglass figures over 10 years, such as cowboys, Indians, astronauts, giant chickens, dinosaurs and Yogi Bears – among many others.

Dashew Offshore’s FPB 78 Cochise is the latest vessel designed and constructed in New Zealand. She stands out from convention, having already traversed high latitudes as one circumnavigator wrote that she showed “complete disregard for industry dogma”. Steve and Linda operate their own blog as well (link below).

Personal Life

Dashew has not only taken to sailing, but she has also written three critically acclaimed albums. As an apprentice with her father building catamarans and sailing the Sea of Cortez before moving to Austin Texas for musical pursuits.

Business ventures have also been an invaluable source of income. Her father held 40 patents, such as for the IMODCO company which developed single-point mooring systems for oil tankers and the Omnithruster company that produces bow-thruster systems used by commercial fishing boats and military ships.

Stephenson and other opponents made anti-busing rhetoric central to their campaigns; she managed to distinguish herself in the CMS race by favoring increasing school diversity but leaves open how that might be accomplished; in addition she supports public-private partnerships to expand high-quality schools.

Net Worth

Dashew was a multimillionaire inventor with 40 patents covering mechanical systems for business data processing, credit card processing, shipping, mining, mass transit and marine recreation. Through Imodco and Omnithruster Company he designed single point mooring systems as well as single point mooring systems called Dashaveyor people transportation system and mobility devices such as Dashaway to help people standing after hip surgery, spinal cord injuries or Parkinson’s disease.

Dashew began his transition into designing power boats with his iconic 83-foot Wind Horse yacht design – later known as his FPB series of long range ocean cruising designs – which set an industry standard with regard to safety, speed and leaner-and-meaner body dimensions than traditional trawler-style power boats – long sheerlines with distinctive plumb bows are instantly recognisable hallmarks.

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