Steve Cottrell

Steve Cottrell

Steve Cottrell brings an unparalleled insight to martial arts from his years of training in real-life settings. Additionally, he is an established writer – contributing his expertise in many articles and books.

He has won gold medals at traditional Kung Fu competitions held in China. Additionally, he is recognized as an instructor of Tanglang Quan (Northern Mantis) under Wong Hon Fan tradition.

Early Life and Education

Steve Cottrell hails from Leigh-on-Sea in Essex where he played soccer and cricket as a youth. After attending Belfairs High School he studied physics at Polytechnic of Central London earning both a Bachelor of Arts degree and later on a master’s from Old Dominion University of Norfolk Virginia.

Cottrell’s research specializes in ribonucleic acid (RNA) editing and post-transcriptional regulation – processes which occur after DNA has been copied into RNA – with particular attention paid to how these processes contribute to cell function, viral function, cancer risk management and cancer resistance.

Cottrell also finds great joy in spending time with his family. He and Marsha have two children – son Ryan and daughter Raegan. Additionally, the couple loves traveling – be it skiing in Utah or cruise ship travel on the Mediterranean. Cottrell loves adventure!

Professional Career

Steve Cottrell serves as EMEA CTO of Vectra AI, an industry leader in threat detection and response. For 15 years he has held positions as Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) in large enterprises from communications to telecoms to insurance. In addition, Steve is also experienced working as a Security Specialist with Intel.

The couple have an unbridled passion for travel. From flying out to Utah for ski season or sailing the Mediterranean, they explore breathtaking places and people while sharing these experiences with Raegan – their daughter.

Stephen’s practice specializes in high-value Personal Injury litigation, Fatal Accident claims and Clinical Negligence claims. He has experience representing claimants suffering non-organic symptoms after injury (such as CRPS, non-epileptic attack disorder and functional gastroparesis). Stephen has represented claimants before various courts including the High Court, Coroner’s Court and Court of Protection.

Achievement and Honors

Sifu Cottrell is widely considered an authority on the advanced aspects of Chinese fighting arts and traditional Chinese language and culture. Additionally, he combines his experience as a law enforcement officer, liaison to foreign police services and special operations instructor with his mastery of martial arts to provide his students with practical self-defense techniques.

He has received 16 honorary degrees and been honored with both Royal Society Hughes and Rumford medals, as well as Acta Metallurgica’s Gold Medal award. Additionally, Technion in Israel awarded him with their Honor Award.

His company, Authenticom, remains a data solutions provider and thought leadership provider alike. Their family-oriented business approach mirrors his personal beliefs.

Personal Life

Stephen Cottrell is an accomplished author and speaker on spirituality and leadership. His books include one about Stanley Spencer as well as Christ in the Wilderness: Reflections. Stephen is also a member of the Church of England and served as Canon Pastor at Peterborough Cathedral.

He teaches three fighting arts: Wing Chun Kuen in the Yip Man tradition, Bei Tanglang (Northern Mantis Boxing) and Yang Taiji Quan. His martial experience ranges from full contact competitions to instructing military counter terrorism and special operations units – something which Authentic Kung-Fu incorporates into its training regimens.

He is also an accomplished musician, with experience as both a freelance saxophonist and composer. Additionally, he holds a PhD in Ethnomusicology from Goldsmiths College London.

Net Worth

Steve Cottrell remains unwittingly unknown at present. Initially a high-profile candidate for city manager, Cottrell withdrew after disagreement between himself and the commission over nonsalary provisions in his contract.

Cottrell is also a partner at Cerity Partners, where he creates investment portfolio strategies for high-net-worth individuals, business owners, professional athletes, coaches and foundations. Cottrell holds an extensive finance background; having served as an investment portfolio manager at Legg Mason.

He has studied Kung-Fu his entire life, training with masters from both China and America. Additionally, he shares this art form through online videos with students all around the globe and also runs his own martial arts studio in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

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