Steve Cordell

Fire Chief Steve Cordell Passes Away at 51

Steven Cordell was a much-beloved firefighter in his community. His family and friends extend their appreciation to all of those who offered prayers, words of support, or helped with his care!

He also claims his trial counsel was ineffective for failing to raise his Fourth Amendment claim, an argument we reject.

Early Life and Education

Steven Cordell was the long-serving fire chief of Henderson, NC. His commitment to his community and faith could be seen through numerous youth mission trips, church classes, and Sunday school programs he led. Furthermore, he enjoyed coaching both Kasey’s baseball/softball team as well as Cullen’s.

Cordell leaves behind his mother, Linda Ayscue Cordell; daughters Kasey Newcomb and Chelsey McCann, granddaughters Kayleigh Mae and Anna Kate; son Cullen William, special friends who became like family. A memorial fund to support students working field placements has also been set up in his name.

He drew continuity between various RPG supplements by making reference to characters, organizations and ideas from one book to the next – for instance Strom Wakeman can be found appearing in A Guide to the Ethereal Plane while Tome and Blood contains extensive details of Arcane Order activities.

Professional Career

Cordell is an accomplished scientist with an established, long-term career in natural resource economics and policy. As the author of over 370 scientific papers and presentations, as well as nationwide collaborative research covering visitation measurement methods, visitor satisfaction surveys and secondary economic impacts in wilderness areas he has garnered immense respect from peers.

He is a skilled online gamer. Additionally, he has a passion for technology and enjoys helping people meet their goals with innovative tools.

Cordell values his time with family above all else, particularly his faith-focused marriage with wife Amy. Together they attend local church services often while also spending time skiing at Mission Ridge or camping near Leavenworth and Icicle Creek near Leavenworth – or simply enjoying Wenatchee Valley’s opportunities for golf and beer brewing!

Achievement and Honors

After graduating, he found employment with Illinois electric power company Commonwealth Edison as an engineer, later being promoted to manager of their nuclear engineering department and becoming part of Tau Beta Pi – an honor society for engineers.

Cordell has also written various RPG books and adventures for Dungeons & Dragons that incorporate elements with an abundance of Lovecraftian monsters such as mind flayers.

Cordell also served his community by holding political office on the Silverdale Borough Council after Lowell Musselman passed away in 2017. Cordell fought glioblastoma multiforme with strength, grace, and dignity just as he did everything else he attempted in life.

Personal Life

Henderson Fire Department Chief Steve Cordell’s family mourn his untimely passing at age 51 after an extended battle against brain cancer.

Judge LaDoris Cordell was the first African American female Superior Court judge in Northern California and understands how prejudice has permeated its system for too long. Yet she believes in it and works hard to ensure as fair a trial as possible.

Cordell is also an author of roleplaying games, with numerous scenarios and sourcebooks for them that include Lovecraftian references such as mind flayers or Arcane Order.

Cordell is well known in Silverdale Borough. Recently he succeeded Lowell Musselman after he retired from borough council, and also serves as president for various civic organizations.

Net Worth

Cordell is also an accomplished stock trader, having completed some of the biggest transactions ever in history – such as his significant trade involving 141,500 shares of Wright Medical NV on November 21st worth $3,103,095.

Cordell currently lives in Henderson with his wife and two daughters, as well as four grandchildren – Kayleigh Mae, Anna Kate, Cullen William. Cordell has several close friends that consider him family as well.

Rory Bateman, Schroders’ head of UK and European Equities stated Cordell would “pursue opportunities outside the investment industry”. James Sym will co-manage ISF Europe Opportunities fund while Bill Casey and Nick Kissack will take over management of SARFCO European Equity Absolute Return fund from him.

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