Steve Burroughs

Steve Burroughs – Wrestler and Attorney

Steve Burroughs boasts an impressive list of accomplishments both as an accomplished wrestler and coach. He earned Shelby County Coach of the Year awards several times, produced 58 state placers, 22 runners-up finishers.

He also worked as a research assistant on nutrition-related projects such as beta-cell mass as an indicator of diabetes at Columbia University and is registered dietitian nutritionist.

Early Life and Education

Coach Burrough has been suffering from severe fatigue, weight loss, nausea and vomiting for two years despite visiting numerous specialists to get an accurate diagnosis of his condition.

Young Burroughs quickly earned and proudly flaunted his status as an incorrigible rascal in colonial New England villages where his harsh Presbyterian minister father resided, earning himself an unflappable reputation as an irrepressible mischief-maker. Pranking townsfolk, robbing banks, even staging fake suicide attempts–he zigged between so many communities so quickly that communications couldn’t keep up!

These experiences provided him with material for two memoirs that scholars believe to be mostly, if not entirely, true. Filled with sophisticated wickedness that often amuses, these works also give us an intimate view into provincial life in the young United States.

Professional Career

Steven Burroughs is an esteemed attorney in the fields of estate planning, trust and will law. Additionally, he handles intellectual property cases such as post-grant proceedings under the America Invents Act.

At the Lone Star Duals he went undefeated, pinning or teching all three opponents before facing Oklahoma’s Tyler Caldwell in the final of Big 12 Tournament where Burroughs gave a hard fight before eventually defeating him by major decision.

At NCAAs, he cruised through his weight class to claim his inaugural medal. Following this success, he joined 2021 World Championships up in a different weight class and started strong, winning his tournament title right off the bat before going on to secure bronze at Olympic Trials and Olympic Trials respectively – leaving with two medals and an renewed career path.

Achievement and Honors

Coach Burroughs is immensely proud of his team’s accomplishments, including a state championship and 22 top-five finishes. He instills hard work as the path to success, teaching wrestlers that hard work ultimately pays off. Coach Burroughs’s persistent coughing fits have forced him to seek further medical advice but refuse to allow their health issues impact his commitment to his wrestlers.

Naked Lunch’s publication aroused considerable interest among members of the counterculture, prompting it to be prosecuted as obscenity in several states. Over time however, prosecution was discontinued and Naked Lunch became immensely popular.

Burroughs School of the Arts students were recently honored for their artistic talent during its annual juried exhibition. Notable examples are Cecilia Gossow ’21 (Still Life with Bird), Ritvik Kumar ’21, Audrey Pinson ’21, Katie Xu ’21 and Zoe Scully ’21 – just to name a few!

Personal Life

Burroughs was an acclaimed author renowned for working across mediums. He produced articles, short stories and scrap books to name just some of his works as well as various collaborative efforts with Brion Gysin.

His writing focused on drug abuse, violence and sexuality – as well as writing extensively about his dreams – which were considered major works within their own right. He was an instrumental influence upon the Beat Generation.

After suffering several years from illness, Steve passed away in October 2019. He leaves behind his loving wife and two children as well as family, friends, and the wrestling community. A memorial service will take place November 9 at First Baptist Church at 980 Haven Rd in Albion followed by luncheon.

Net Worth

Burroughs was an influential writer of the Beat Generation. His works frequently explored drug use, nihilism, homosexuality and death – elements which continue to resonate today in contemporary works by writers like Dennis Cooper. Many films and TV programs have also made use of his works.

Burroughs was not solely known for his writing. In addition to producing visual art through painting and drawing, his works were also shown at galleries and museums worldwide. Additionally he appeared in several films such as Chappaqua by Conrad Rooks in 1966 starring as Opium Jones; Gus Van Sant featured him again as a junkie priest in Drugstore Cowboy in 1989 with Gus Van Sant directing. Additionally he became well-known for cryptic public speeches that often contained hidden meaning.

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