Steve Burdo

Steve Burdo – A Profile of an American Businessman

Steve Burdo is an American businessman and project executive for Balfour Beatty, affiliated with the Republican Party and currently living in Plattsburgh, New York. Born on August 5, 1912 –

He is survived by his wife, Kathy; daughter Mia; sons Keith and Kyran; nieces and nephews.

Early Life and Education

Steve Burdo is an American businessman who has spent over four decades working in the financial industry. From 1992 until 2013, he served as Chairman, President and CEO of Safeway Inc.; additionally he founded and chairs The Burdo Group as a private investment firm.

Early in his life, he attended and graduated from Plattsburgh State University where he participated on their football team and earned All-Area honors as a senior. Later on he went to Oswego High School, becoming four year varsity starter and leading tackler of their squad.

He became acquainted with Jericho Road while attending undergraduate school at Houghton University and later participated in rotations there during medical school.

Professional Career

Since 2005, he has been working at InSite Search as a senior associate. Here he builds relationships with exceptional firms while recruiting unique candidates. Specializing in Quantitative Finance with front office technology professionals such as quants, strategists and engineers as clients.

He lives with his wife Karen and their sons Kyle of Plattsburgh and Christopher of Altona; daughters Shannon Dauphin of Clintonville with husband Andre Dauphin of Clintonville; Marylou Burdo (and Steve Burdo, Steve’s ex) of Altona; their six grandchildren Sydney, Sophie Halle Brody Kaden Aubrey as well as numerous nieces and nephews.

Though he claims there is no conflict of interest when running for town council, his role as a political consultant could come into play.

Personal Life

Steve Burdo is a dedicated family man, dedicated to his children and loving animals alike. As a member of San Anselmo Town Council for 10 years he has made an immeasurable positive difference for San Anselmo through collaborative communication skills that work well alongside those around him.

Keith Woodbridge leaves behind his beloved wife Barbara; two daughters Keith and Shannon; son Scott; five grandchildren; two sisters Bernice Barcomb of Mooers, New York and Annette LaGoy of Morrisonville, as well as several nieces and nephews and Leona Woodbridge – his special friend who will miss him dearly. Earl Woodbridge preceded him in death but will forever remain remembered by those he touched in life. He will be greatly missed.

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