Steve Borock

The Expertise of Steve Borock

Steve Borock, as founder of CGC, has examined millions of dollars worth of comics. Known for his expertise in identifying restoration work and helping collectors make informed choices when purchasing comics, Steve has helped millions make informed purchases from CGC.

Beckett Media recently acquired CBCS, and we welcome President Steve Clark as our special guest to discuss its future and his own career path! We can’t wait for his visit and look forward to discussing everything related to CBCS!

Professional Career

Steve Borock is co-founder and head grader for comic book grading service CBCS. For decades he has been immersed in the comic book industry as both dealer and advisor to Overstreet Price Guide as well as being on Heroes Initiative’s Board of Advisors.

He is the author of many books, such as The Complete Guide to CGC Grading, and is often invited as a speaker at collector conventions. Additionally, he has served as guest curator of multiple art exhibitions.

He was recently featured on Tales from the Flipside YouTube show, discussing CBCS population report and rating some incredible books with host Nico! Check it out below; you won’t be disappointed!

Achievement and Honors

Borock received the RIT Alumni Distinguished Service Award, an accolade given to alumni who have brought distinction to themselves and their profession, embodying the core values of RIT. Additionally, he was appointed to the Hero Initiative board with prominent figures from comics industry such as publisher Jim McLauchlin; creator Brian Pulido; and comics editor Joe Quesada. Furthermore, he served as president of Comics Guaranty Corporation.

Steve joined CBSI’s Nico on Tales from the Flipside to discuss the new CBCS Census, his involvement with Heroes Initiative, personal stories and more. Make sure to watch it!

Personal Life

Steve has spent his entire life immersed in comics and began selling and trading back in the 1970s. Today he serves as a senior advisor for Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide and Grading Standards Handbook as well as being on the board of Heroes Initiative. Over his long career he has examined millions of comics as well as owning numerous high-end collectibles including two copies of Action Comics #1 known as golden age grails.

Outside of comics, he is also an active pro wrestling writer and promoter as well as an avid film and TV fan. He lives in Newton, Massachusetts with his wife and three children. When not drinking Russell’s Tea or contemplating Shrodinger’s Equation he likes sipping Russell’s Tea or reading Shrodinger’s Equation books in his free time! In addition he is an accomplished artist having illustrated for varied projects such as DEFIANCE, ONCE UPON A TIME and FALLING SKIES among many others.

Net Worth

Steve has over three decades of grading experience and is widely respected within the hobby as one of its foremost professionals. His professionalism and integrity have won over collectors, sellers, and dealers nationwide – many have trusted his expertise when examining millions worth of Silver and Golden Age comics as well as helping hobbyists identify restoration before purchasing or selling comics from him.

Namor is one of the richest comic book characters, with his net worth coming from various sources such as sunken treasure, oil that only he can access and underwater cities that no one else knows about. Furthermore, he serves as financier to numerous superhero teams involved with him! Not bad for an ocean-dwelling billionaire!

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