Steve Boehm

Steve Boehm

Steve Boehm is an experienced operations and customer service executive with extensive financial industry experience. Currently he holds the post of Senior Vice President of Global Customer Experience for eBay.

His expertise encompasses product management, innovation, operations management and merger integration – as well as being an accomplished public speaker on team-based success.

Early Life and Education

Growing up in Winneconne, Wisconsin – a small town located northeastern Wisconsin – his family ran and managed a dairy farm where he learned the value of hard work. Furthermore, his engineering talent enabled him to become known as “the guy that could fix anything”.

Steve is an internationally recognized trainer specializing in intimate relationships, movement methods and body-based mindfulness/self-healing techniques. His private client practice includes working with Oscar winning actors, Grammy award-winning musicians and CEO’s.

He has deepened his contemplative and spiritual training through meditation practice, extended silent retreats, and extensive study of world mysticism and philosophy. Additionally, he has created his own non-linear movement method combining joint nourishing movements with mindfulness and neuroplasticity into joint-nourishing movements for public workshops as well as teacher training programs.

Professional Career

Boehm brings over 25 years of professional engineering design, supervision and project management expertise to Hayward Baker since 1990. As part of his responsibilities with them he has developed ground modification projects such as Houston International Airport, Corpus Christi Naval Air Station and Cottonwood Power in Beaumont Texas.

He has extensive experience serving in strategic leadership roles for large businesses operating within highly-competitive and rapidly changing industries, such as eBay, First Data Corporation, Wells Fargo/Wachovia Corp. and Visa.

Boehm is well-regarded nationally for his knowledge and experience in investment regulation and structuring, serving as an authority on funds structured as business development companies (BDCs). He regularly advises asset managers in navigating complex rules imposed by the Securities and Exchange Commission while developing structural alternatives for offering private equity or alternative credit investments to public investors.

Achievement and Honors

He is widely acknowledged as an authority on fund structures, particularly business development companies and private equity funds. Additionally, he provides clients with advice regarding transactions, corporate structuring, and planning processes.

He has also made significant contributions to research in software engineering, requirements engineering and software productivity. Specifically, he created the Constructive Cost Model as well as two advanced software environments – TRW Software Productivity System and Quantum Leap environment -.

Steve has held positions on many boards, such as UW-River Falls Foundation, St. Croix Valley Foundation and Junior Achievement. Along with his wife Terri, they support Rotary International’s Visioning Program by traveling around to conduct talks and training courses around the globe.

He brings over 20 years of leadership experience in financial services, technology, operations and merger integration to eBay Inc. Most recently he led their 9,000-person customer service team and held senior leadership roles with First Data Corp and Wells Fargo/ Wachovia Corp respectively.

Personal Life

Steve has an in-depth knowledge of both human body and mind, drawn from years of meditative practices, arts education, outdoor survival training and expeditions as well as his rigorous approach to first hand research. Steve possesses exceptional understanding of elite athletic performance, human behavior and intimate relationships – an ability honed through research at first hand and then with first hand experiences.

Steve is widely respected for his expertise in investment regulation as it applies to funds structured as business development companies (BDCs). His team is frequently sought out by some of the nation’s largest BDCs in order to help navigate through the complicated rules and regulations set forth by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), while aiding their investments, transactions and financings.

Steve specializes in private client work that addresses the unique interpersonal and strategic challenges encountered by highly successful figures from entertainment, music, and business – his clients include Oscar winning actors, Grammy award-winning musicians, multi-billion dollar fund managers and multi-billionaire fund managers.

Net Worth

Neil Boehm currently serves as Chief Technology Officer of Gentex Corp, making 1 insider transaction worth an estimated $3.2M worth of common stock from Gentex Corp.

Boehm is nationally-recognized for his extensive knowledge of investment regulation and structuring, making him one of the foremost authorities on investment funds structured as business development companies (BDCs). His vast experience on the Securities and Exchange Commission staff provides him with invaluable insights that help his clients navigate this complex regulatory environment.

His current estimated net worth is an estimated $3 Million. In addition, he has held senior leadership roles at eBay, First Data and Wells Fargo/ Wachovia over his 32 year global career in tech-enabled businesses, financial services operations and merger integration.

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