Steve Bermudez

Steve Bermudez – CEO of Haymakers, a Commercial Real Estate Sales and Lease Structuring Firm

Steven Bermudez is the President of Haymakers, a firm specializing in commercial real estate sales and lease structuring. Additionally, he is widely respected as an early stage start-up leader – having held senior executive roles at Impact Radius and BioIQ among many others.

An Ohio man was arrested after entering a home of strangers and refusing to move off the couch, police reported. When the resident called 911 when the suspect refused to get up from sitting down on their couch, Morning Journal reported.

Early Life and Education

Born and raised in Yorba Linda, California, Bermudez attended home-schooled elementary and secondary education. A star tennis player at Palo Verde High School in Tucson where he won both individual and team state titles;

Over the years that followed, he traveled both for work and pleasure throughout America and internationally, exploring big cities while collecting quirky gifts. Additionally, he enjoyed cooking delicious food for others and sharing his unique recipes.

His 2003 album Confesiones (Confessions), was inspired by his experience working at a New York City laundromat. Blending romanticism with down-to-earth realism, Confesiones propelled him into Latin vocal stardom while helping secure him employment with Miske Enterprise – including Kamaaina Termite and Pest Control Services and M Nightclub among other businesses.

Professional Career

Steve Bermudez brings years of real estate development, sale/lease structuring, executive level start-up leadership experience to real estate development projects. Additionally, he has held senior engineering roles with ENR-ranked firms in construction.

He began his professional MMA career fighting for Shine Fights in 2010. In his inaugural fight, he faced UFC veteran Matt Grice in an exciting exchange that earned both men Fight of the Night awards.

Bermudez won a quick submission win against Team Bisping member Akira Corassani before going on to score another quick submission against MMA veteran Steven Siler in round two of their fight. Bermudez now stands in contention for a featherweight championship shot; however, more experienced fighters need to fall. His win over Clay Guida last month bumped up his ranking somewhat.

Personal Life

Bermudez admitted participating in a conspiracy to violate federal racketeering laws as part of his plea agreement, as well as possessing and distributing methamphetamine and cocaine, in addition to engaging in armed robbery.

According to court records, Bermudez is currently married and has one child. He is the son of Adalis and Jorge Bermudez and boasts an extensive background in sales/lease structuring as well as executive level start-up leadership.

At the hearing, Schmidt claimed that Bermudez’s proposed move to Colorado created a material change of circumstances and justified alteration of custody arrangements. She further claimed that the chancellor incorrectly assumed she manipulated divorce proceedings to remove Colson from her life, as well as making assumptions regarding Bermudez’s involvement in an accident that killed Jonathan Fraser.

Net Worth

Bermudez began his mixed martial arts career in 2009 as an amateur, competing four matches before going pro with Russian promotion M-1 Global. Due to his success at that time, M-1 Global offered Bermudez a professional contract.

Bermudez has proven himself an outstanding fighter as well as an innovative entrepreneur, earning millions in business and real estate deals. As the CEO of Haymakers Real Estate Investment Firm – with 15+ years experience in commercial real estate development, sales/lease structuring, executive level start-up management.

He currently resides in Doral, Florida with his wife and three children. As an active leader of county and municipal issues in Miami-Dade politics, his knowledge makes him highly sought-after as a speaker or consultant.

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