Steve Berganzo

Steve Berganzo, ACCJ’s Partner and Market Leader

Ambush contends that Lopez-Perez was acting at the behest of ACCJ during the inception of the Berganzo Action and Efron had an ongoing relationship with ACCJ as his substitute attorney, post-settlement; however, evidence does not support this hypothesis.

ACCJ and Efron did not maintain any significant relationship beyond the Berganzo Action.

Early Life and Education

Steve has traveled all over the globe for his work. From covering US war in Afghanistan (he covered an ambush that killed two Green Beret soldiers) to documenting DEA cocaine interdiction missions in Colombia and the Caribbean, as well as developing and co-executive producing a Blue Chip National Geographic series called BREAKTHROUGH featuring groundbreaking thinkers and explorers whose innovations will change our planet for generations. Alongside Daphna he recently developed a forensic history film on America’s most notorious escape – that of three convicts who famously escaped Alcatraz as depicted by Clint Eastwood movie.

Net Worth

As a partner and market leader, Steve Berganzo has amassed significant wealth. His net worth measures his assets such as investments such as stocks, bonds and vehicles as well as home, cars and money in his checking account and retirement accounts. It can also include debt such as credit card balances or auto loans plus any financial obligations such as student loans or any other obligations that need to be met.

Steven regularly trades Jabil Inc stock, owning over 27 thousand units worth a combined total of $15,182,498 as of 22 March 2023. Additionally, he owns shares of Monsanto Co and Oshkosh Corp stock.

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