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A Profile of Steve Beam

Steve Beam served as housing director for 18 years, earning one of the highest salaries in the nation. Additionally, he is known for performing magic shows and co-running Limestone Branch distillery with his brother Paul.

The brothers share deep ties to the bourbon industry through their family heritage: J.W. Dant on their father’s side and Minor Case Beam on their mother’s side are descendants. Yellowstone brand was initially produced by their grandfather before changing hands several times before ultimately coming under Limestone Branch operation control.

Early Life and Education

As a child, Beam worked summers with his father’s construction company and learned the trade from Distributive Education Clubs of America. Later he graduated with a degree in civil engineering from University of Arkansas before starting work for Crafton Tull; one of Arkansas’ premier professional design firms that specializes in architecture, engineering, surveying and planning services.

Stephen and Paul Beam can trace their maternal ancestry back to Jacob Beam, an industry pioneer who sold his inaugural barrels of Old Jake Beam sour mash whiskey back in 1795 before selling off his distillery to J.W. Dant before Prohibition shut it down.

Steve Beam’s family legacy holds tremendous clout in the bourbon world and serves as a major draw to his Limestone Branch distillery. Additionally, it connects closely to his love of shelter dogs – something which inspired his upcoming Traverse City tour.

Professional Career

Steven Beam has been practicing law for over three decades and is a member of both the Oklahoma Bar Association and Custer County Bar Association. His commitment to legal ethics and professionalism earned him Martindale Hubbell’s highest rating possible.

Beam found his first professional design position immediately following graduation at the University of Arkansas at Crafton Tull, one of Arkansas’s premier professional design firms, where he remained for 11 years – rising through the ranks to become vice president responsible for civil engineering and surveying.

As part of his current role, he provides advisory services for finance optimization, organizational design, IT program delivery and Zero-based Redesign (ZBR). Additionally, he’s active in his local community, mentoring students and supporting engineering research initiatives. Through ethical governance, altruism and passionate leadership he has made significant contributions to manufacturing and engineering communities worldwide.

Achievement and Honors

Steve Beam had both sides of his family surrounded by bourbon, and it is no coincidence that he established Limestone Branch Distillery in Lebanon, Kentucky. His ancestors are tied to several distilleries dating back to the late 1700s and several brands produced during this time frame. Steve himself holds 100 issued patents and author/co-authored over 75 research publications as a result of this legacy.

Beam dedicated 34 years to 3M as both senior scientific adviser and corporate scientist. In recognition of his efforts, he received the Carlton Society Award – 3M’s highest technical accolade – which recognizes individual achievements.

He was honored with being appointed 2000 Wilson Lecturer in UNI’s Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry; he frequently returns as an invited presenter to faculty and students alike. Additionally, his wife Merry has supported UNI for over 23 years by giving generously through their donation of an Alfred E. and Miriam J. Heilmann Endowed Chemistry Scholarship named in their parents’ memory.

Personal Life

Steve Beam has made a name for himself as an accomplished business owner, while also supporting the arts in numerous ways. His philanthropy includes funding LGBTQ artists and writers at VCCA as well as being an outspoken champion for shelter dogs.

Minor Case Beam, was a distiller who established Limestone Branch Distillers. Now his sons Stephen and Paul continue this family legacy by producing premium bourbon whiskey.

Beam’s retirement announcement came as a shock. He cited health concerns and a new law which will reduce his retirement benefits beginning next year, along with using up comp time. It remains uncertain whether Beam will return to Raleigh Housing Authority or not; his supporters credit him for helping pull them through a period of crisis.

Net Worth

Stephen Beam is the founder and Managing Director of Regency Financial Group, an institution offering comprehensive wealth management services to both individuals and businesses in Massachusetts. As such, his expertise lies in offering investment advice. He has over two decades of experience as a financial advisor.

Beam has tried to downplay his family’s legacy in the bourbon industry, yet it remains evident in his bloodline. Together with his brother Paul, he co-owns Limestone Branch Distillery; J.W. Dant is their maternal grandfather who first produced Yellowstone brand whiskey after Prohibition ended – now back under family control with Limestone Branch operations.

Christian T Beam is an accomplished music producer and was previously part of 808&Elite production duo. Tyshane Thompson, his son born 1995, also works under his father’s aegis as a producer.

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