Steve Baggett

The Life of Steve Baggett

Steve Baggett was an outstanding father. Together with Lydia, they had two daughters – Michelle and Renee. All four enjoyed spending time at their farm digging up cacti and cutting grass.

He always encouraged them to do their best and taught them about hard work’s values, while stressing respect towards others both on and off the field.

Early Life and Education

Steve Baggett enjoyed spending his free time with his family. He had three daughters – Michelle Lawrence, Renee Baggett and Kelly Baggett – along with Lydia his wife. Steve always encouraged his children to strive to obtain an excellent education, was actively involved with their extracurricular activities such as softball teams (Michelle Lawrence’s), baseball (Renee’s and Kelly’s) as well as coaching soccer (Kelly).

Since 1964, he was serving as principal of Central Gwinnett until becoming assistant county school superintendent and taking on responsibility for recruiting teachers to meet Gwinnett’s rapidly expanding educational system.

After a rigorous recruitment process, Baggett made his choice: Boise State. Starting and appearing in 32 games as a true freshman for Boise State as well as winning both Mountain West scholar-athlete awards in his two seasons there, his Broncos went on to rank first overall in total offense within their conference during these seasons.

Professional Career

Baggett previously served as Director of Collections at Birmingham Public Library. There, he oversaw archives management, digitization projects and exhibition curation. In addition, he served as professional librarian, acting as liaison between his institution and its community members while providing training and technical assistance to staffers.

Original proposals called for Baggett’s license to be suspended for six months, followed by 20 months probation that would have taken effect retroactively to Oct 23. However, after urgent discussions between DBPR and his attorneys a new plan was devised within 30 minutes.

Leela Baggett is an associate in Powers Pyles Sutter & Verville’s Health Law practice group. She advises healthcare providers on various regulatory and litigation matters related to Medicare coverage/reimbursement requirements as well as state licensing and Medicaid requirements.

Achievement and Honors

His accomplishments included realizing his goals and dreams despite having mental health issues. He lived a full life while managing schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, serving his community, being an amazing husband, father, inspiration to those struggling with mental illness as well as receiving the John Baggett Award in 2021 for being such a positive role model for those dealing with these conditions.

He currently resides on Highway 13 in Erin, Tennessee and may have previously resided at Bock Street and Rr 4 Box 41 in Hemingway South Carolina. Wanda Baggett, Carolyn Yates and Mary Spears are known to him.

Personal Life

Steve Baggett was a beloved husband, father, and “Pappy” to his daughters. He often stressed the importance of obtaining an excellent education; both daughters followed in his footsteps by earning multiple college degrees themselves. Additionally, Steve became highly involved with their extracurricular activities such as softball and soccer coaching teams.

Steve owned several hundred acres in Paulding County. One of his properties, known as Buzzard’s Roost, became an attraction where people would gather to view birds and wildlife. Grady Baggett bought this land from Steve for farming use but after his death the house burned down; only portions of its barn remain. Today it serves as home to both a church and cemetery.

Net Worth

Baggett co-founded ITA Software, which Google acquired for $700 million. This company provides technology used by travel sites like Kayak as well as Inky – an app designed to make clearing out your inbox simpler by categorizing messages and helping unsubscribe from junk emails.

Charles E. Scarbrough, a certified public accountant residing in Beauregard Parish was appointed by the trial court to analyze Baggett Duplicating Products Inc’s financial statements and ascertain Philip’s annual benefit derived from this corporation based on all available evidence such as monthly expenses in his record. This amount matched up well with what had previously been determined as Philip’s income source from other sources such as his wage records and bills of any sort.

Stephen Louis Baggett was born September 20, 1995 at Beaufort, South Carolina to Steve and Lori Baggett and majors in management as an Honor Roll student (both semesters during 2016-17 academic year). Stephen also enjoys spending time at the beach as well as piloting WaveRunners.

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