Steve Armington

Steve Armington, 70, of Novelty, Ohio, Passed Away Today

Based on his late-night tales, it appears he managed to cheat death more than once – outwitting large game animals, corrupt policemen and mobster gangsters alike.

This father and son team hails from Lovell, Maine – about 3.5 hours drive to One Boston Place where the American Lung Association Fight for Air Climb will take place on February 4th 2017.

Early Life and Education

Steven Armington was born in Novelty, Ohio. He earned both a bachelor’s degree and law degree from Ohio State University before going on to found Euclid Road Machinery Co. as president and chief executive officer and founded Webb-Triax Co. Additionally he served on numerous corporate boards of directors such as Addressograph-Multigraph, Glidden Motor Company White Motor Company Hiram House as trustee; additionally being part of both Hawken School Foundations as well.

James Armington was an active member of both the Rhode Island Medical Society and Providence Athletic Club, practicing extensive medicine while being an avid sportsman. Additionally, he was the loving husband of Barbara Armington; proud father to Meagan, Dana and Bobbi as well as Cole Walker Georgeson who later passed away from cancer.

Professional Career

Steve has held senior roles in banking, technology, consulting and media companies. One of his fondest memories is participating in Lowell University’s Fall 1979 Europe Semester; since then he has also launched numerous consulting and tech/media ventures.

He currently serves as Senior Vice President at SiriusXM Connected Vehicle and oversees multiple teams charged with the implementation and operations of one of North America’s most widely adopted connected vehicle platforms. Prior to SiriusXM Connected Vehicle, he led Business Operations team at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles for four years.

Tom and Evan are volunteering for the American Lung Association’s Fight for Air Climb presented by Boston Private, racing up 82 flights of stairs so others can breathe easier. Beth Armington runs their local ice cream shop as their team headquarters and rallies support from all corners of their community to keep this team going strong.

Achievement and Honors

Steve was fondly known by family and friends alike as Armo; to his grandsons as G-Daddy; and daughters as Daddy-o. As an advocate of lifelong learning and genuine relationships, Steve loved good music, great food (particularly his signature fried chicken) and spending quality time with genuine individuals from various walks of life.

Lovell firefighter Steve Armington and son Evan compete in the American Lung Association’s Boston Fight For Air Climb presented by Boston Private to raise funds for asthma research. They compete as members of Lovell Volunteer Fire Department – leading fundraisers. Beth, Steve’s wife who runs their local ice cream shop The Homestead Scoop supports them by training regularly at Sabattus Mountain near Lovell.

Personal Life

According to Steve’s late night tales, he managed to avoid death several times by outwitting predatory wildlife and would-be kidnappers alike. Still, Steve found most happiness at home in Cleveland, Ohio; Key Largo, Florida and Old Forge, New York.

He had an immense appreciation for good music, delicious cuisine and genuine people from all backgrounds. He generously shared his time, talents and treasures.

Steve and Evan from Lovell, Maine are determined to race up 82 flights of stairs at One Boston Place for lung cancer research. Together they have raised more than $12,000 since beginning fundraising for the American Lung Association’s Boston Fight for Air Climb; you can support their cause by making a donation here.

Net Worth

Armington was a man of many talents who left an indelible mark on music, art, and business – from music composition and performance to art collecting and business management. Above all, however, he was a loving husband, father, grandfather who was deeply loved by Barbara Armington (nee Burry); daughters Meagan Armington and Dana Armington as well as grandchildren Cole Langworthy Walker Langworthy SJ Georgeson along with many close friends. Although peaceful in death at age 70 in Novelty Ohio; memorial services will be held later as per his request that donations made in lieu of flowers to The Cleveland Museum of Natural History Wildlife Division instead.

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