Stephen Davey

Stephen Davey

Stephen Davey leads Wisdom for the Heart International Bible Teaching Ministry and serves as Founding Pastor and President of Shepherds Theological Seminary.

Steven Davey has shown incredible resilience while facing a debilitating disease and has managed to establish an inspiring ministry despite it all. He truly serves as an example for others.

Early Life and Education

Stephen Davey began studying biblical at Liberty University after finishing his undergraduate studies. His passion for scripture led him to enroll in seminary where he met Marsha Gladney who would later become his future wife and eventually found Shepherds Church with them both as co-pastor together in Cary with two infant sons of their own. From its inception, these two were committed to preaching expository sermons while elevating Scripture as their ultimate authority for all matters pertaining to faith and life.

Steve Davey continues to face multiple debilitating health conditions head on with incredible strength and positivity, supported by family, colleagues and listeners of Wisdom International-a media resource ministry he directs-while also serving as president of Shepherds Theological Seminary. Furthermore, his books, study guides, commentaries and booklets published by Ambassador/Emerald House, Kress Biblical Resources Charity House and LOGOS have proven very popular with their audiences.

Professional Career

Davey has over three decades of experience advising, financing and investing in both public and private companies. She possesses exceptional skill in structuring acquisitions and divestitures and negotiating with financial institutions on her clients’ behalf.

At Santa Clara University, Davey led his basketball team to five 20-win seasons and twice claimed the West Coast Conference regular season title. Under his guidance were several players who went on to become professional NBA and international athletes – two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash being among them.

Davey serves Shepherds Theological Seminary and Colonial Baptist Church, in addition to being an internationally acclaimed speaker on biblical interpretation. In addition, he has published three commentaries and multiple smaller books through Charity House, Ambassador/Emerald House Publishers and Wisdom for the Heart publishers.

Achievement and Honors

After graduating from Dallas Seminary in 1986, Stephen and Marsha put their trust in God for provision and moved with their infant twins to Cary, North Carolina to establish a church that preached expository sermons from Scripture and its doctrines. News quickly spread of this new congregation’s commitment to these important doctrines of Christianity.

As pastor/teacher at The Shepherd’s Church, president of Shepherds Theological Seminary and chairman of Wisdom International, Stephen continues his passionate, precise, and excellent preaching and teaching of Scripture’s truths with passion, precision and excellence – something for which DTS Alumni Office honored him with the 2021-2022 Distinguished Service Award.

LKF Marketing’s Wightman website design won both silver Davey and W3 awards for Web design. In addition, they created Appointments Online software.

Personal Life

Stephen Davey was raised to love Christ and His Word by missionary parents, which inspired him to dedicate his life to vocational ministry in his last year of high school. After college he studied Bible and world history before meeting Marsha Gladney – their relationship led them both into marriage where Stephen began teaching verse-by-verse bible classes at their church together before later earning Masters of Divinity at Detroit Seminary and Dallas Seminary respectively.

Over sixty years later, he still teaches the Word of God in his unique style. His sermons can be heard across the world on Wisdom for the Heart radio broadcasts and he serves as president of Shepherds Theological Seminary where he teaches Biblical Exposition and Pastoral Theology courses.

Net Worth

He has appeared in various TV shows and films, such as Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Sex and the City, Damages and Everybody’s Fine in 2009. Additionally he has voiced commercials for Pur water filters and Wendy’s fast food chains.

Marsha and Steven share four children (twin boys and two girls), three grandchildren, and are very close-knit as a family unit. They appreciate all of the prayers offered for Steven during his illness as well as excellent medical care he received to overcome it.

According to SEC filings, Stephen P Davey holds one company stock and has made at least 16 trades in Valley National Bancorp stock worth over $146,000 since 2003.

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