South Africa

Cape George, South Africa

Cape George is a residential community situated on Discovery Bay with stunning views of Protection Island and the Strait of Juan De Fuca.

Residents have voiced opposition to County Commissioner Greg Brotherton’s plan to relocate the homeless camp from Jefferson County Fairgrounds to a site in Cape George. They believe it is inappropriate and not in the best interests of the community.

Early Life and Education

George was established in 1811 as a woodcutters’ outpost named for King George III. It achieved municipal status in 1837 and today stands as the sixth oldest town in South Africa.

Tourists flock to York Street in particular for its Slave Tree, site of slave auctions before abolition in 1834. Additionally, there is a museum featuring an unusual and large collection of mechanical musical instruments.

The town is a hub of higher education with both public and private institutions offering instruction. There is an English-medium high school as well as a double medium technical high school.

Professional Career

He utilizes computer code as a software developer to ensure the business runs optimally. As an avid technology enthusiast, he stays abreast of all relevant trends and techniques.

He is responsible for many tasks on a daily basis, but none quite compare to his role as head of IT for Prince George’s County’s Board of Education. This involves making sure all applications are up to date and compliant with various security and regulatory guidelines.

He has contributed to a variety of projects, from creating educational materials for classroom use to spearheading the implementation of online learning solutions across all levels of the system. However, his most exciting venture has been supervising the creation of an innovative software tool designed to enhance both efficiency and quality teaching in public sector institutions.

Achievements and Honors

Hans Bar, a longtime member of the George School faculty and former Head School, was recently honored by the Alumni Council with an Award for Distinguished Achievement. At the ceremony, several classmates including Robert Carneiro ’45 and Bruce Dohrenwend ’45 remembered him as a statesmanlike, diplomatic figure of influence with an infectious drive.

He was an innovator in underwater archaeology and co-founder of the Institute of Nautical Archaeology. His groundbreaking work revolutionized subaerial excavations, earning him numerous awards such as the AIA Gold Medal for Distinguished Archaeological Achievement and Bandelier Award.

He founded the George School Honor Society and was inducted into their Athletic Hall of Fame. For many years, he coached basketball, swimming and lacrosse at the school while serving as Girls’ Athletic Director.

Personal Life

Cape George, a small town along the Garden Route coast of southern Africa, is renowned for its World Class Golf Courses. From here you can easily explore Tsitsikamma National Park and its surrounding area with plenty of attractions to choose from.

Longmore’s early works, The Charavari, “Tecumthe” and The War of the Isles, demonstrate more imaginative imagination than his later works. However, his career problems in Cape Colony put limits on his intellectual freedom and required him to work within a more limited framework.

He continued to serve as Secretary of the Library Committee, a position of great prestige among colony’s cultural elite. Despite his difficulties, Longmore was able to continue serving in that role until his passing in 1867. It is said that he had many devoted friends who were always ready to lend him support during difficult times.

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