Sonic Valentines Day Shake

Sonic Valentines Day Shake

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, Sonic has introduced two new drinks: the S’mores Toasted Shake and the Churro Shake. Each combines real ice cream with graham cracker crumbs, marshmallows and chocolate chunks for a tasty treat. The S’mores Toasted Shake is only available from August 3 through September 6, while the Churro Shake is only available from August 1 through September 25, at participating locations. Both are part of the app-exclusive Summer Snacking Menu, which features the aforementioned shakes as well as a chocolate waffle cone with vanilla ice cream, FRITO’S Chili Cheese Jr. Wrap, and a chicken wing slingshot. Interestingly enough, the S’mores Toasted Shake actually contains more ingredients than the Churro, but that’s a whole different story.

Although the name of the S’mores Toasted Shake may elicit a chuckle, the actual drink is not to be confused with the aforementioned Shake of the Month, which costs $1.49 for a five-piece order and includes an aforementioned s’mores-themed shake. On the other hand, the Churro is more expensive, with a price tag ranging from $2 to $3 for a five-piece combo. However, you can enjoy the Shake of the Month for as little as $2.49 when you buy it online.

The Churro Shake also wowed the crowd, with a flavor combination that will have you licking your fingers. Its a blend of caramel and vanilla ice cream, and topped with a cinnamon sugar churro. You’ll want to head to your local Sonic before the smorgasbord runs out. Aside from the aforementioned s’mores shake, the Churro is the hottest new item on the menu, and it comes in spicy and regular flavors.

The best part of the Churro is that it’s only available for a limited time. For the uninitiated, a Churro is a Mexican treat containing fresh bananas and cinnamon. Fortunately for those who don’t have a sweet tooth, the best churros can be had for just a few bucks. The other noteworthy feat of the churro is the fact that it’s made at your local Sonic!

Despite the slew of new offerings, the company hasn’t forgotten about their old favorites. The BBLT and Bursting Bubbles are back, and the famous Yellow Cake Batter Shake is still around, although in a limited-time-only fashion. There are a few other novelty items on the menu, including a ‘Smokey’ Shake and a Spicy Ranch sauced Chicken Slingshot, both of which are available nationwide. Whether you’re looking for a light lunch or a romantic meal for two, it’s easy to find something to fit your budget and taste. Just remember, no one needs to pay full price to enjoy Sonic’s quality products. By signing up for their rewards program, you’ll be able to enjoy half-price soda and slushes, plus a free shake of the month with purchase, all through the Sonic app!

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