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Bad – Why Michael Jackson Got That Good

If you’re a fan of Michael Jackson’s music, you’ve probably heard the song “Bad” a few times. It’s one of the most popular tracks on the album and its production was so good that it was nominated for a Grammy. But, the song has many more honorable mentions to its credit.

The “Bad” album was a massive success. Despite being released just over two years after its predecessor Off the Wall, it sold over 25 million copies in its first year of release. As such, it was one of the most successful albums of its genre in pop history. During the next two years, Bad was the second bestselling album in the world, with nine singles reaching the Top 40. Moreover, it was the highest grossing solo concert tour of the 1980s. At the time of its release, Jackson had performed 123 concerts in 15 different countries.

Bad was also nominated for Best Engineered Recording – Non Classical and Best Music Video – Non Classical. The album has been deemed by several publications as one of the best of all time. Among the songs are hits such as “Irresistible”, “Thriller”, and “Billie Jean”, and a bevy of odes to a variety of styles. Aside from the more cliched superstars, a number of lesser known musicians have been featured on the album.

The album was a major success on a worldwide scale, selling over 25 million copies and generating the most ad revenue for an album in the last two decades. In the United States, it sold more units than any other album of its era. Additionally, it was the highest grossing concert tour of its kind during its run, topping out with a record setting $125 million. Combined with a number of other accolades, it was a significant achievement for a music industry behemoth. Likewise, it was the album that launched a new trend in the recording business, with artists such as Prince and Madonna appearing on the sleeve.

One of the many high points of the album is the “Smooth Criminal” track. Originally intended to be a duet with Prince, the song would instead be Michael’s first solo single. This song was a huge hit, peaking at number two on the Hot Black Singles chart and number one on the Hot Dance Club Play. After the album’s release, the track became a cult classic, even reaching a number of countries on the continent.

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